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Women in Social Change

Women in Social Change
Visions, Struggles and Persisting Concerns

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Ghazala Jamil - Assistant Professor at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

September 2021 | 344 pages | SAGE India
Women in Social Change: Visions, Struggles and Persisting Concerns captures the evolution of key debates on women’s rights in independent India. Authored by eminent scholars and emerging experts of their time, the articles encapsulate developments which have given the women’s rights movement and women’s studies imaginative new models. They also indicate fundamental concerns that have endured over decades. The articles have been grouped into categories that cover diverse themes such as the conceptualization of women’s rights and laws pertaining to the same, changing notions of women as workers, women’s political participation and cultural representation, and, finally, the impediments, roadblocks and violence experienced by women. The editor’s introductions provide critical historical context for the juridico-political paradoxes and internal contradictions that confront the women’s rights movement today. The sectional introductions place each article in a larger context, pointing out the importance of their approach, methodology and salient arguments.

The series ‘Social Change in Contemporary India’ brings together key texts published in the prestigious journal Social Change, from 1971 till present times. These writings, most of which are considered canonical, address important issues in health, education, poverty and agriculture, with special focus on the disadvantaged groups. The essays will help readers identify key points in the history of policymaking in India and major discourses and debates and their impact.

About the Series
Foreword by Manoranjan Mohanty
Shifting Frames in the Women’s Rights Discourse in India: A Critical Reading by Ghazala Jamil
SECTION I Women’s Rights Movement
Sectional Introduction
Devaki Jain
Indian Women: Some Reflections on a Two Sector Analysis
Mina Swaminathan
And Miles to Go
Vina Mazumdar
Globalization of the Family: The Politics of Population Control
Maithreyi Krishnaraj
The Women’s Movement in India: A Hundred-year History
SECTION II Women as Workers
Sectional Introduction
Maniben Kara
National Development and Women Workers
Anita Dighe
Women’s Employment in the Urban Informal Sector: Some Critical Issues
Sanghmitra Acharya
Female Workforce: Its Contribution to Metropolitan Economy
SECTION III Political Participation
Sectional Introduction
Usha Mehta
Indian Women and Their Participation in Politics
Farah Naqvi
Of Women, Politics and Panchayats
Sanjay Kumar and Praveen Rai
Gendered Political Exclusion: Crucial Implications for Indian Democracy
SECTION IV Culture and Identity
Sectional Introduction
Uma Chakravarti and Kumkum Roy
The Family in Ancient India: Ideal and Reality
Sujata Mukherjee
The Female Character in Indian Moving Images
Vivek Kumar
Locating Dalit Women in the Indian Caste System, Media and Women’s Movement
SECTION V Law and Violence
Sectional Introduction
Durgabai Deshmukh
Law and Women in India
Nandini Rai
Geographies of Indian women: A Tale of Contesting Spaces
Amit Ranjan
A Gender Critique of AFSPA: Security for Whom?
Flavia Agnes
Has the Codified Hindu Law Changed Gender Relationships?

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