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Frequently Asked Questions

SAGE vantage Instructor FAQ

Complimentary acces to SAGE vantage

As an instructor, can I get free review access to the SAGE vantage platform to preview it? 

Yes, requesting complimentary access is easy. Simply visit the SAGE vantage platform and, on the homepage:

  • if you have an existing SAGE online account, you'll need to login using your existing credentials. 
  • if you don’t already have a SAGE online account, click "SIGN UP" under the "Instructor" heading and register for access.

    NOTE: If are currently using a textbook with SAGE edge online resources (ancillaries) and you have already accessed your SAGE edge Instructor Teaching Site, you have already set up a SAGE online account.

Do I need to create a SAGE online account every time I request review access to different SAGE vantage courses? 

No, you only need to create it once.  

I have an existing SAGE online account; will I need to make changes to the account? 

No. You will not need to make changes to your existing SAGE online account. 

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