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Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration

Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration

First Edition

January 2011 | 324 pages | SAGE India
Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration is a study of the influence of religion on the values and ethics of the ‘steel frame of India’—the Indian Civil Service (ICS) and its successor, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Examining pertinent subjects like the historical origins of IAS, colonial ethics, codes of conduct and Hindu ethics, the book presents a socio-religious analysis of corruption in India.

The book deals primarily with the issue of administrative corruption in the IAS, the premier civil service of India, and also in the Indian society, of which the IAS is an integral component. It is the result of a thorough survey and in-depth interviews of serving IAS officers of the Karnataka cadre.

The book is an effort by the author to unearth the causes of the systemic affliction and find out its roots, which might originate in the nation’s culture and its constituents, namely, religion, traditions and history.


Historical Origins of the IAS: Historical Review of the Origin and Evolution of ICS Under British Rule

Colonial Ethics: The Influence of Christian and Secular Moral Thought on Social Change in Britain and the ICS

The Code of Conduct for The IAS: Conduct Rules, Constitutional Provisions, Recuitment and Training

Survey To Assess The Values of the IAS: Elucidation of Opinions

Hindu Ethics: Influence on the Values of the Society and the IAS

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ISBN: 9788132105718

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