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Treating the Sexual Offender

Treating the Sexual Offender

December 1990 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Treating the Sexual Offender offers the most widely used and thoroughly researched methods for treating individuals who have committed sexual crimes or have manifested deviant sexual behaviors. Mirroring clinical experience, this practical volume focuses on the pedophile, exhibitionist, and rapist. However, the more unusual maladaptive sexual approach disorders and their management are examined as well, including voyeurism, fetishism, public masturbation, frotteurism, bestiality, and hypersexuality. Clear, detailed descriptions of treatment techniques are provided, along with extensive case examples. The text can be regarded as a compendium of behavioral approaches in an overall treatment plan for the offender. Techniques are covered in sufficient detail so that the practitioner reading the account will be able to employ any specific technique in his or her own practice. Also presented are treatment and follow-up data generated by a large sexual abuse outpatient clinic in the treatment of more than 5,000 sexual offenders. Written in a topical and accessible fashion, Treating the Sexual Offender allows readers to directly apply the methods as described, or discover within them ideas to serve as a springboard in designing treatment program variations. As such, it is an excellent resource for psychologists, mental-health professionals, psychiatrists, social workers, and others working with sexual offenders. "Maletzky's book comprises a comprehensive and exceptionally detailed account of behavioral approaches and treatments of sexual offenders that both researcher and clinician will benefit from reading." --Archives of Sexual Behavior "Those who work with sex offenders will find it useful to compare their methods and results with those presented in the book. Anyone who is considering setting up a new service will find this and the appendices which include lists and descriptions of equipment invaluable. . ." --International Review of Psychiatry "I can recommend this book as essential reading for those working directly with adolescent and adult sexual offenders because of its exposition of both controversial and acceptable behavioural techniques. It will also be a useful reference text in units undertaking specialist work with sexual offenders." --Child Abuse Review "This book can be thoroughly recommended because it does give a good overview of the treatments that are available, and it does provide a practical, almost cookbook approach to the treatment of a group of patients who are so often neglected, and labelled simply as 'untreatable.' It would be well worth the low cost of purchase to have this book sitting firmly on the [therapist's] shelf to remind him or her that sexual offenders are indeed patients who require careful treatment and that there are techniques available even though success rates are limited and frustrations in the clinic are frequent." --British Journal of Psychiatry "I am thoroughly familiar with Maletzky's work and can attest to its high quality. He is an excellent clinician, who really knows this area very well." --Michel Hersen, University of Pittsburgh "The book is well organized, and exceptionally clearly written. . . . Likely to appeal to professionals who treat sexual deviants. Maletzky has something to say to these professionals and he says it very clearly." --Vernon L. Quinsey, Queen's University "This manual is as complete as any published thus far on applications of behavioral conditioning to reduce deviant sexual arousal and reconditioning procedures to increase appropriate arousal in the sex-offender client. . . . Maletzky describes more than 20 separate modalities in enough detail that an experienced clinician can use this as a 'how to' book in many cases. . . . Case studies examples are liberally used to illustrate the finer points of case management and technique selection for the many problems that sex offender clients present to the clinician." --Violence Update Newsletter "The book does provide insight into understanding the personality dynamics of the abuser for the non-clinician population. . . . As abusive sexual behavior has become a recognized national tragedy during the last several years, this text offers some insight on how to suppress this behavior." --Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling "Details of assessment and treatment are given. . . . Useful case illustrations are given throughout the book, helping the reader to understand precisely what is done in using a particular technique. . . . The book also has many useful appendices, including history and data forms. . . . Therapists having to deal with sexual offenders and other paraphiliacs will find much in this very readable book--much that will be of practical use. . . . Books such as this, which provide ideas and details on how to implement therapy, will be particularly welcome by practitioners in this field." --Behavior Research & Therapy

The Development of Behavioral Techniques for the Sexual Offender
Kevin B McGovern
The Initial Assessment of the Sexual Offender
The Aversive Respondent Conditioning Techniques
The Reconditioning Techniques
The Positive Respondent Conditioning Techniques
The Operant Conditioning Techniques
Adjunctive Techniques
The Somatic Therapies
Homework Assignments
Data Generated by an Outpatient Sexual Abuse Clinic
Summary and Future Directions

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ISBN: 9780803936638