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Theoretical Issues in Psychology

Theoretical Issues in Psychology
An Introduction

Third Edition

May 2013 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Bem and de Jong present complex ideas in an accessible manner. Theoretical Issues in Psychology gives undergraduate psychology students all the resources they need to begin reflecting on the most pressing conceptual issues in their discipline.
- Stuart Wilson, Queen Margaret University

The 3rd edition of Theoretical Issues in Psychology provides an authoritative overview of the conceptual issues in psychology which introduces the underlying philosophies that underpin them.

It includes new insights across the philosophy of science combined with increased psychological coverage to show clearly how these two communities interrelate, ensuring an integrative understanding of the fundamental debates and how they link to your wider studies. Key features of this new edition include:
  • Concise paragraphs, multiple examples and additional summaries throughout to help you focus on key areas of knowledge.
  • Textboxes with definitions and key concepts to help your understanding of the main debates and ideas.
  • New content on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, cognition and cognitive neuroscience.
  • New up-to-date material on consciousness and evolutionary psychology.
  • For lecturers and teachers, PowerPoint slides are available for each chapter.

Sacha Bem & Huib Looren de Jong's textbook remains essential for students taking courses in conceptual and historical issues in psychology, the philosophy of psychology or theoretical psychology.

Chapter 1. Science: why, and how? Some Basic Concepts in Scientific Method
Chapter 2. Kinds of Explanations: Laws, Interpretations and Functions
Chapter 3. Philosophy of Science (1): Logical Positivism and its Failure
Chapter 4. Philosophy of Science (2): Criticism and Alternatives to Positivism
Chapter 5. Sociology and Psychology of Science
Chapter 6. Introducing Philosophy of Mind, Brain and Cognition
Chapter 7. Modern Approaches to Mind (1): The Language-based view: Functionalism and the Computational Theory of Mind
Chapter 8. Modern Approaches to Mind (2): The Brain-based view: Neurophilosophy, Connectionism and Dynamicism
Chapter 9. The Extended Mind: Biology, Body, and Environment
Chapter 10. Consciousness and Free Will

All educators should be aware of key issues in psychology and this title is a handy, accessible reference for the area.

Mr Neil Rutledge
Education (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
June 2, 2013

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