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The Three Tagores, Dwarkanath, Debendranath and Rabindranath

The Three Tagores, Dwarkanath, Debendranath and Rabindranath
India in Transition

June 2022 | 348 pages | SAGE India
The three Tagores represent three different eras of British colonialism in India; beginning with Dwarkanath, born in 1794, and ending with his grandson Rabindranath, who died in 1941. The Three Tagores, Dwarkanath, Debendranath and Rabindranath: India in Transition analyses the history of the modern British period of undivided Bengal in setting of the three Tagores. Rather than providing a biographical study of the three most pivotal figures of the Tagore family, this work sees their lives as a prism through which to understand the complex unfolding of India’s socio-economic and cultural milieu during the onset, high-noon and decline of colonial rule in India. Limning the experiences and activities of the three Tagores with reference to the contexts in which they lived, this work offers the missing link in our understanding of renaissance in India.

PART A Dwarkanath Tagore
A new Ideational World
A Successful Entrepreneur
PART B Debendranath Tagore
Continuity with the Past
Breaking with the Past
PART C Rabindranath Tagore
Intermingling of Ideas
Deriding ‘Nationalism’

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