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The Survivor's Guide

The Survivor's Guide

February 1995 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Although targeted for adolescents, this book may be helpful with some adult survivors as well. . . . Written in simple, clear, and direct language, this book is ideally suited for its audience. Chapters are short, concise, and informative, with a gentle, casual writing style. This book avoids the use of research, clinical information, or jargon and is neither repetitious nor tedious. The examples peppered throughout the book add to its interest. The book itself is small and pocket-sized and is easily tucked away into a backpack, purse, etc. This may be a very useful little book for both survivors and therapists working with adolescents." --Coalition Commentary (Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault) "The Survivor's Guide could be either used in planning sessions or actually read in individual therapy, group work, or family work, each of its short chapters stimulating further exploration. Additionally, family members and professionals who work with teenagers could develop more of an understanding of the effects of sexual abuse by reading this book. For teachers, there is a useful Appendix, highlighting the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on learning in the classroom. Overall, The Survivor's Guide is a useful addition to the resources available for clinical work with children and adolescents who have been sexually abused." --Andy Player in Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry "The contents are well laid out and well thought through. They cover every problem that sexual abuse survivors have presented to me and more. The book is very readable and very calming and reassuring. I think that this is an excellent educational guide for any client who has experienced sexual abuse. Their clinician would do well to have this book at hand, not only to appreciate more the world of the sexual abuse survivor but also to convey quickly and effectively to such a survivor that they appreciate their world." --Thomas Shortall in Counselling Psychology Review "The book provides important and complex information about the impact of sexual assault in a manner and style that appeals to teens and thus would be recommended, read, and used by them. The author knows how to speak 'teen' and translates the complicated dynamics of the impact of sexual abuse into their language." --Beverly James, Children's Advocacy Center, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Sensitive, supportive, and written specifically for adolescent readers, The Survivor's Guide provides detailed information on the common effects of sexual abuse on the survivor, encourages the survivor to seek help--if she hasn't already--and introduces the concept of recovery. This book's format makes it easy to use as a part of an adolescent therapy group, but it works equally well one-to-one. Sharice A. Lee, who has worked with adolescent survivors of sexual abuse for several years in a number of settings, helps the reader to cease blaming herself and let go of the "bad kid" stigma that survivors often keenly feel. Real examples of adolescents' experiences regarding the effects of sexual abuse draw the reader in and help her relate the concepts to her own personal experience. Adolescent survivors who have used the book found the examples invaluable in bringing the concepts to life, making it clear that the survivor is not alone and that there are people who understand what it's like to go through this type of trauma. A vocabulary is also introduced to the reader, enabling her to better communicate her experiences and feelings to others. In addition to group and individual therapy facilitators, The Survivor's Guide is a valuable tool for school counselors and social workers dealing with sexually abused teenage girls. Juvenile corrections and law enforcement personnel also can use this book to reach out to those girls who are not in counseling.

Panic Attacks
Flashbacks and Intrusive Memories
Bad Dreams
Memory Gaps
Self Harm
Drugs and Alcohol
Power and Control
Blaming Yourself
Damaged-Goods Syndrome
Relationships and Sexuality
School Problems
Glossary... in Plain English
Appendix: Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Learning in the Classroom
For the Therapist

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