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The Intelligent Person's Guide to Good Governance

The Intelligent Person's Guide to Good Governance

First Edition
  • Surendra Munshi - Fellow of Bertelsmann Stiftung and Retired Professor of Sociology, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  • Biju Paul Abraham - Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India
  • Soma Chaudhuri - Michigan State University, Michigan State University, USA

June 2018 | 212 pages | SAGE India

As good governance becomes more and more important with societies all over adjusting to the reality of the emerging world, the good governance discourse paradoxically seems to be exhausting itself. This is the time to revive it.

The Intelligent Person's Guide to Good Governance is unique in that it takes the discourse on governance beyond its self-inflicted narrow perspective by providing an integrated treatment of various relevant issues, for example, the role of the state or the idea of civil society. In carrying out a lucid analysis of a fluid concept, this book offers a 'one-stop' resource for understanding the subject. The central argument of the book that any serious engagement with good governance must go beyond an exclusive reliance on the state or the market and explore different modes of partnerships, including public participation, is relevant and indeed timely in the present crisis.

This book will interest all those concerned with the issues of governance. It will be particularly useful to students and research scholars in the fields of social sciences, management, administration and commerce.

The Concept of Good Governance
The Role of the State
The Third Way
The Idea of Civil Society
Beyond National Boundaries
The Issue of Democracy
Appendix: Is India Ungovernable?

This guidebook on good governance centres on the role of the State and the idea of a civil society…. [The book is] useful not only to intelligent persons but also to many mandarins in the corridors of power. this book is a very worthwhile effort in broadening the knowledge base of a wider readership and the authors deserve compliments for undertaking this difficult project. Therefore, the wider the knowledge base, the better it is for the cause.

Journal of Human Values
Volume 18, NO 1, 2012

The authors should be complimented on their sincere effort in providing an integrated framework for understanding not only the basics of good governance but also an equally effective analysis of its implications for global governance....This well-written book, to put it succinctly, carries the strong message that the emerging global governance should imbibe and practise nuances of good governance, such as participation, transparency and accountability, so that the benefits of globalisation could be maximised and shared equitably among international organisations, nation-states and regional and local governments. The book is an intellectual treatise on good governance and a useful reference to those who have concern for strengthening their institutions and making them more participative and accountable in taking decisions.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

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