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The Changing Face of Globalization

The Changing Face of Globalization

First Edition
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August 2018 | 332 pages | SAGE India
Evaluating the impact of globalization on issues like altruism, empowerment of women, crime and violence, culture, area studies, economy and production, and the sociology of humanity, this book makes the ethical and moral aspects of globalization its main concerns.

The complexities of the globalization process in the developing world are explored - the debate between globalization and localization; between indigenization and hybridization; between equalization and inequalization.

The contributors also examines the consequences for transitional economies in their interactions with multinational corporations and the rise of the anti-globalization movement in the past decade.

Samir Dasgupta
Sing C Chew
Globalization, Ecological Crisis and Dark Ages
Immanuel Wallerstein
Cultures in Conflict
Who Are We? Who Are the Others?

Jay Weinstein and Elvira del Pozo
Altruism and the Prospects for a Common Humanity
Samir Dasgupta
Globalization, Altruism and the Sociology of Humanity
Verghese Chirayath and Ernest De Zolt
Globalization, Multinational Corporations and White-Collar Crime
Causes and Consequences for Transnational Economies

Robyn Bateman Driskell
Empowerment versus Development
The Effects of Women's Empowerment and Economic Development on Children's Nutritional Well-Being

Samir Dasgupta and Kaushik Chattopadhyay
Globalization and Disparity
A Reappraisal

Abbas Mehdi
Globalization and the Arab World
A Socioeconomic Perspective

Joy Asongazoh Alemazung
Disaffected and Disconnected Generation
Consequences of Globalization on African Societies

Ray Kiely
Neo-Liberal Globalization Meets Global Resistance
The Significance of 'Anti-Globalization' Protest

George Ritzer and Michael Ryan
The Globalization of Nothing

An indepth exploration into the pressures and shifting policy surrounding globalization.

Mr Rik Kennedy
Department of Education Studies, Bishop Grosseteste College
January 31, 2012