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Sustainable Democracy

Sustainable Democracy
Individuality and the Politics of the Environment

September 1996 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
One of the major dilemmas we face at the end of the century is the seemingly irreconcilable struggle between protecting our environment and economic growth. In Sustainable Democracy authors John Buell and Tom DeLuca show that the contemporary environmental crisis need not be cause for despair. Rather, they contend that environmental concerns can help trigger a needed reappraisal of the quality of our society's patterns of consumption and growth. They suggest that by placing at center stage the issue of quality of life, through an invigorated, democratic politics--one of our most precious national resources--we stand the best chance of protecting the environment, while also promoting sustainable economic growth, social justice, and individual freedom. Incisive and engaging, Sustainable Democracy provides a fresh outlook and will be widely read in the fields of environmental policy, American politics, and political theory. "Sustainable Democracy is a welcome addition to the literature on the politics of ecology, but it is more than that. Buell and DeLuca seek to explain what it means to be ecologically responsible in the fullest and most complex sense of the term. Unlike other students of ecology, too many of whom either lack philosophical sophistication or are covertly hostile to democracy, they guide us to an understanding of the necessarily integral relationship between responsible environmentalism and democratic practice. Both hardheaded regarding the politics of the environmental movement and excitingly optimistic regarding the future prospects for democracy, Sustainable Democracy offers a refreshing new approach to the study of the politics of ecology." --Thomas L. Dumm, Amherst College and author of Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom "This clear-headed, lively, and timely book reveals the links between an ecologically sustainable economy and a democratic politics. Authors John Buell and Tom DeLuca question the sacrosanct status of 'economic growth,' but also emphasize the need to respond fairly to the impositions that any new, more ecologically-rational order would entail. They explore the limits of both corporate efficiency and its small-is-beautiful alternative, and show how once democratic politics is placed at the center of ecological reflection, a different set of themes, problems, and proposals for reform come to the force. Sustainable Democracy has a distinctive focus, and a sound execution--it will be excellent in undergraduate courses on democratic politics, environmentalism, and political economy." Jane Bennett, Goucher College and author of Thoreau's Nature: Ethics, Politics, and the Wild

Myths of Origin
The New Corporate Politics of Sustainability
The Limits of Ecopolitics
Nature, Human Nature, and the Community
Principles of Sustainability
Directions for Future Policy
Sustainable Democracy


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