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State of India's Livelihoods Report 2010

State of India's Livelihoods Report 2010
The 4P Report

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Sankar Datta - Livelihood School and Indian Grameen Services, Hyderabad
  • Vipin Sharma - ACCESS Development Services, New Delhi

SAGE Impact

January 2011 | 152 pages | SAGE India

The State of India's Livelihoods (SOIL) Report is an annual publication that aims to document recent trends and issues in the sphere of livelihoods promotion of the poor. A one-of-its-kind report, it is the only document that aggregates the experiences and challenges of the livelihoods sector, analyzes case studies, and reports the progress of both government and privately run programs with respect to the 4Ps—People, Policy, Promoters, and Potential.

This volume of the SOIL report focuses on agriculture. In particular, some of the themes that the report covers include effects of government policies on livelihoods in agriculture, government schemes for agri-based livelihoods (with a focus on MGNREGA), new-generation initiatives in agri-based livelihoods by NGOs and the private sector, the current scenario with respect to agri finance and agri marketing and the impact of climate change on agriculture.


Overview of Livelihood Situation

Shankar Dutta and Vipin Sharma
Livelihoods in Agriculture-Status, Policies and Prospects

T S Papola
Greening India Through MGNREGA-Convergent Action for Benefits Beyond Employment Generation

Suryamani Roul
New Generation Initiatives in Agri-Based Livelihoods-Five Successful Private Sector Initiatives

Pradeep Kumar Mishra
Financing Agriculture-Emerging Scenario

Biswa Bandhu Mohanty
Agriculture Marketing-From Livelihoods to Enterprise

Reshma Anand
Climate Change and Agriculture-Challenges and Opportunities in India

Shailesh Nagar and Jayesh Bhatia

The State of India’s livelihood report 2010 looks at various challenges that exist to a sustainable generation of livelihoods in India. The work focuses on various aspects of rural livelihoods including the new challenges that are shrinking livelihoods opportunities and social security safety nets that can protect the living standards of the rural population….The report comprehensively discusses the different aspects of living sustenance in rural areas, though mainly focusing on agriculture. The insights into the several constraints that Indian farmers are presently facing and the plausible solutions that can ease these constraints forms an important contribution both for the academia and for policy-makers in the country.

South Asia Economic Journal

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ISBN: 9788132105879