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Sport and Society

Sport and Society
A Student Introduction

Third Edition
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December 2015 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'This third edition of Sport and Society, with contributions from some of the field’s most highly respected scholars, covers the myriad of complex, pervasive and global issues confronting sport in the 21st century. It continues to be a foundation text for students across most sport disciplines'

- Russel Hoye, La Trobe University, Australia

‘The third edition of Sport and Society reinforces its place as one of the most valuable texts for students and others engaging in social scientific study of sport. Overall, the book continues to achieve an unrivalled balance between different social science disciplines that have been applied to sport; between local, national and international issues; and between broad overviews and specific detail on every topic. The end result is a book that is "a must" on many academic reading lists!'

- Iain Lindsey, Durham University, UK

Fully updated and revised, the Third Edition of Barrie Houlihan and Dominic Malcolm's ground-breaking Sport and Society provides students and instructors with a one-stop text that is comprehensive, accessible, international, and engaging. This popular book:
  • Approaches the study of sport from a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • Presents the importance of social structure, power, and inequality in analysing the nature and significance of sport in society
  • Addresses the rapid commercialization and regulation of sport
  • Engages in comparative analysis to understand problems clearly and produce sound solutions
  • Expands students' knowledge through chapter summaries, guides to further reading, and extensive bibliographies
  • Offers five new chapters addressing the key contemporary issues of: lifestyle sport; sport for development and peace; the governance of international sport organisations; sports fandom; and sport in East Asia.
A superb teaching text, this new edition will be relished by instructors seeking an authoritative introduction to sport and society and students who want a relevant, enriching text for their learning and research needs.

Dominic Malcolm
Sport and Social Theory
Barrie Houlihan
Power, Politics and Sport
Martin Polley and Fiona Skillen
History and Sport
Michael F. Collins
Social Exclusion from Sport and Leisure
Belinda Wheaton
Lifestyle Sport
Ruth Jeanes and Laura Hills
Women, Sport and Gender Inequity
Parissa Safai and Dominic Malcolm
Sport and Health
Richard Giulianotti
Sport for Development
Nigel Thomas and Andy Smith
Sport and Disability
Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald
The Politics of 'Race' and Sports Policy in the United Kingdom
David Andrews, Mike Silk and Robert Pitter
Physical Culture and the Polarised American Metropolis
Leigh Robinson
The Business of Sport
Richard Haynes
Sport and the Media
John Amis and Trevor Slack
Organisation Theory and the Management of Sport Organisations
Barrie Houlihan
Doping and Sport
Mike Weed and Guy Jackson
The Relationship between Sport and Tourism
Holger Preuss
The Olympic Games: Winners and Losers
Kevin Dixon
Arnout Geeraert
Sport Governance
Trevor Slack and Milena Parent
Sport in North America: The United States and Canada
Alan Bairner and Jung Woo Lee
Sport in the Asia-Pacific region
Ian P. Henry
Sport, the role of the European Union and the decline of the national state?
Mahfoud Amara
An Introduction to the Study of Sport in the Muslim World
Barrie Houlihan
Sport and Globalisation

It has given the students an understanding of the relevant sociological theory and how that is played out in sport. It also has given the students an understanding of theory behind the contemporary issues in sport.

Mr Timothy James Stuart Evans
Physical Education , Truro & Penwith College
November 2, 2016

Great overview on the sociology of sport. Perfect for the sociology of the body especially the section which examines Paralympic and 'dis'abled sport participation.

Dr Bethany Simmonds
Social, Historical & Literary Studies, Portsmouth University
September 22, 2016

An excellent resources. The topics on offer are excellent. Aloud students to gain a real understanding of the topics that are included.

Mr Nathan Price
Sport, Public Services and Travel, Birmingham Metropolitan College
April 8, 2016

The topics covered are substantial, but it is too general and will not be adopted in my Sport Management courses. However, it should be a reader for all undergrad students in general sport science programmes.

Professor H. Thomas R. Persson
Dept of Environmental & Busi Economics, University of Southern Denmark
March 9, 2016

Good background material on wider social and political context of sport

Dr Paul Smith
Media Studies, De Montfort University
March 8, 2016

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Chapter 5: Lifestyle Sport

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