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Spatial Questions

Spatial Questions
Cultural Topologies and Social Spatialisation

  • Rob Shields - Sociology, Art and Design, University of Alberta, Canada

September 2013 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Space inevitably plays an important role in our social lives. When talking to our neighbors, reading the newspaper, going the gym, answering an e-mail, we all draw on our presuppositions and understanding of spatiality and temporality.

This book successfully illuminates these embedded experiences, questioning how to understand space as a multiple, dynamic, intangible, yet present, form of knowledge. Building from a history of philosopher's and geographer's theories of space, Rob Shields convincingly presents the importance of spatialization and cultural topology in social theory and the possibilities that lies within these theoretical tools.

Innovative and thought-provoking, this book goes beyond traditional ideas of time and space, seeking to understand the multiplicity of spatializations and relate them to our everyday life.

From the Shan Hai Jing to Herodotus' Historiae and to Idrisi's Kitab Nuzhat
Mediterranean Geographies
Spatialisation and Space-Time
The Argument of this Book
Space as Problem: Etymology/Translation
'L'espace Lefebvre'
Respecting Lefebvre: Critical Tensions
The Spatialisations of Places and Regions
Memorial and Anticipatory Spatialisation: Time-Spaces
Vieux Quebec: The Example of Tourist Practices
Histories of Space
Mediterranean Geometric Space
Northern Europe: Mathematical Space
Dimensionality: Three, Four or More?
Relativistic Space
The Socialness of Space
Recognising Spatialisation
Marx: The Economics of Land
Engels: Inequality and the Built Environment
Simmel: Spatial Projections of Social Forms
Cultural Understanding of Space: Emile Durkheim
Physical Planning, Land Use Planning, Spatialisation and Spatial Semantics
Spatial Struggles
Discourses on Space
'Another Kind of Analysis' - Beyond Geometry
Connectivity and Schematics
Geometry and Topology
The Seven Bridges of Königsburg
Non-Euclidean Space
The Topological Sensorium
Dimensionality and Orientability
Topological Archetypes: Folds, Bridges, Labyrinths
The 'Plushness' of the Real
Cultural Topology
Deleuze Folding Foucault
Heterotopias of Scale
Scale and Topology
Topology and the Social - Networks, Surfaces and Milieux
Relations and Boundary Objects
Cultural Topology
A Topology of Experience
The Cusp
Glossary of Terms


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Chapter One: Overtures

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