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Social Work Education

Social Work Education
Indigenous Perspectives

Edited by:
  • Sanjoy Roy - Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work, University of Delhi

March 2021 | 260 pages | SAGE India
Social work education as a concept refers to the integration of the core knowledge, values, and critical skills and competencies that social workers must acquire for competent practice in their fields of work. It is an emerging professional area in India and faces unique challenges such as the absence of local orientation and lack of synchronization between classroom learning and field realities.

This edited book seeks to present perspectives on various areas of social work education from highly experienced educators in Indian universities as well as from outside India. Social Work Education: Indigenous Perspectives exhaustively discusses the major indigenous models, innovative practices and techniques of practice-based discourse in social work. It will help young social workers acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the different practice domains and thematic aspects of social work. This will, in turn, enable them to practice efficiently in today’s emerging social and cultural context.   

Foreword by Stephen M. Marson
PART I Major Themes in Social Work Practice
K. Sathyamurthi
Medical and Psychiatric Social Work Practice: Glimpses and Reflections
Archana Kaushik
Social Work Practice with Families and Children
Sanjoy Roy
Emergence and Development of Professional Social Work in Correctional Settings
PART II Major Practice Areas in Social Work
Tushti Bhardwaj
Palliative Care: Emerging Field of Social Work Practice
Shashi Rani
Social Work and Counselling: Contemporary and Emerging Practice Areas
Preeti Jha
Social Intervention through Social Enterprises: A Sustainable Approach to Social Work
Neera Agnimitra
Environment, Climate Change and Social Work: Imperatives for Practice
Basem Youssief Mohamed ELmoazen
Social Work and Terrorism
Subhasis Bhadra
Disaster Management in India: Perspectives from Social Work Practice
Kirti Arya and Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Integrated Social Work Intervention with Drug Dependents: Cure to Care
Mohd. Shakil and Asif Khan
Social Casework with Juvenile Delinquents: A Psychosocial Model

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ISBN: 9789353886394