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Social Thought in Indic Civilization

Social Thought in Indic Civilization

Edited by:
  • Himanshu Roy - Atal Bihari Vajpayee Senior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teenmurti House, New Delhi

June 2022 | 340 pages | SAGE India
Social Thought in Indic Civilization presents an interdisciplinary perspective on the pre-colonial social thought. It draws on the methodologies and research traditions of history, political science and sociology to look at major themes and social processes to provide a comprehensive understanding of the society in the historical setting contextualized in the social and political relations of the time. The arguments, facts, themes and interpretations presented in the book are usually not found in the mainstream academic narratives. This book explores a range of key themes such as non-violence in religious praxis; dharma in Indic social traditions; medicinal concepts and institutions; ideas and praxis of Shastrarth; knowledge traditions and institutions; music traditions; and Stritva in texts and praxis. This study highlights the impact of colonial rule on the ‘construction of knowledge’ from a Western (colonial) perspective and how it ignored the importance of Indian political thought of the pre-colonial period.

Ruchi Tyagi
Dharma in Indic Tradition
Kaustubh Gaurh and Abhishek Parashar
Stritva in Rgveda
Kaustubh Gaurh
Music and Musical Thought in Ramayana and Mahabharata
Shri Prakash Singh
Knowledge Traditions in Ancient India
Dinesh Kumar Singh
Violence and Non-violence in Indian Religious Traditions
Shankar Kumar
Medicinal Concepts and Institutions in Precolonial India
Sonali Chitalkar
Concept of Shaktitva and Women Saints in Medieval Maharashtra
Niraj Kumar Jha
Knowledge Traditions and Institutions in Precolonial India
Siddheshwar Shukla
Methodology of Shastrarth
Ritika Joshi
Indic in Southeast Asian Culture
Santoshi Kumari
Colonial Institutions and Oriental Knowledge Formation

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