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Sexuality, Gender and Rights

Sexuality, Gender and Rights
Exploring Theory and Practice in South and Southeast Asia

First Edition
Edited by:

October 2005 | 316 pages | SAGE India
There is virtually no record of work on sexuality and rights in South and Southeast Asia, and even less to show how theory can link to practice. This volume fills the gap by demonstrating how the ideas of scholars and activists can be converted into action that can make a difference to people's lives.

The 15 original essays span eight countries and analytically document on-going work in areas such as: sexuality education; sexual health services; sexual rights; transexuality; and HIV/AIDS prevention. They also offer a variety of strategies in advocacy, service delivery, education, training and media outreach activities.

Shohini Ghosh
Looking in Horror and Fascination
Sex, Violence and Spectatorship in India

Lea Lastrilla Espallardo
The Stage, The Body
The Sites for Women's Dissent-A Case of Engendering the Praxis of Theater in the Philippines

Shilpa Phadke
Some Notes Towards Understanding the Construction of Middle-Class Urban Women's Sexuality in India
Jaya Sharma and Dipika Nath
Through the Prism of Intersectionality
Same Sex Sexualities in India

Khartini Slamah
The Struggle to be Ourselves, Neither Men nor Women
Mak Nyahs in Malaysia

Zhang Beichuan and Joan Kaufman
The Rights of People with Same Sex Sexual Behavior
Recent Progress and Continuing Challenges in China

Radhika Chandiramani and Geetanjali Misra
Unlearning and Learning
The Sexuality and Rights Institute in India

Junice L. Demeterio Melgar
Raising Sexuality as a Political Issue in the Catholic Philippines
Masruchah and Bridget Keenan
Working from Within
Using the Legitimacy of Religion to Create Change in Indonesia

Rashidah Shuib
Speaking With a New Voice
Sisters in Islam in Malaysia

Shazia Mohamed
Challenging Moral Guardianship in Pakistan
Geetanjali Misra, Ajay Mahal and Rima Shah
Protecting The Rights Of Sex Workers
The Indian Experience

Veronica Magar and Chantawipa Apisuk
Rest, Recreation, and Resistance
Advancing the Rights of Sex Workers in Thailand

Bishakha Datta
Not A Sob Story
Representing the Realities of Sex Work in India

Sunila Abeysekera
Communities Beyond the Pale
Sex Workers' Rights and Human Rights in Sri Lanka