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Right to Health in India

Right to Health in India
Law, Policy and Practice

  • Sougata Talukdar - Teacher-in-Charge and Assistant Professor at Sureswar Dutta Law College, University of Calcutta

February 2022 | 322 pages | SAGE India
Health and human rights are complementary to each other in advancing progress and social justice. Right to Health in India: Law, Policy and Practice examines the fundamental right to health in light of the contemporary human rights discourse. It advocates for a rights-based approach to health that acknowledges the socio-economic dimensions and implications of access to health and dignity of life. 

This book studies the legislative and policy initiatives designed to protect women, children, HIV/AIDS patients, workers, people with disabilities and all Indian citizens from health hazards and medical malpractice. It explores the constitutional mandates and safeguards regarding right to health in India. The book further discusses the international legal framework on health, analysing it along with the developments in Indian health law. It critically examines the role played by implementing authorities and judiciary in determining the access to and success of right to health in India.

Theoretical Foundation of Health
Right to Health: International Legal Perspective
Right to Health in Indian Constitutional Law
General Legislative and Policy Framework of Right to Health in India
Right to Health in Context of Women and Children
Right to Health in Context of Persons with Disabilities
Right to Health in Context of Epidemic Diseases
Right to Health and Protection Against Occupational Health Hazards

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