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Rhetoric in Popular Culture

Rhetoric in Popular Culture

Sixth Edition

September 2022 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Sixth Edition of Barry Brummett’s Rhetoric in Popular Culture provides readers with in-depth insight into the techniques of rhetorical criticism to analyze the full spectrum of contemporary issues in popular culture. Exploring a wide range of mass media texts including advertisements, magazines, movies, television, popular music, and social media, Barry Brummett presents key rhetorical concepts and applies them with critical analysis to a variety of exciting examples drawn from today's popular culture. Ideal for courses in rhetorical criticism, the new edition includes new and updated sample critical essays and case studies that demonstrate for readers how the critical methods discussed can be used to study the hidden rhetoric of popular culture.

Chapter 1 • Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Tradition
Chapter 2 • Rhetoric and Popular Culture
Chapter 3 • Rhetorical Methods in Critical Studies
Chapter 4 • Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism: INTERVENTION-Understanding
Chapter 5 • Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism: UNDERSTANDING-Intervention
Chapter 6 • Paradoxes of Personalization: Race Relations in Milwaukee
Chapter 7 • Notes from a Texas Gun Show
Chapter 8 • Simulational Selves, Simulational Culture in Groundhog Day
Chapter 9 • Jumping Scale in Steampunk: One Gear Makes You Larger, One Duct Makes You Small
Chapter 10 • The Bad Resurrection in American Life and Culture
Key features
  • Updated examples such as Tom Brady's Super Bowl win with the Buccaneers and the January 6th Insurrection reflect today’s ever-changing popular culture and help readers apply cutting-edge methodologies to the study of rhetoric.
  • New Learning Objectives have been to every chapter to show what major topics the chapters will be covering. 
  • Recent scholarship on diversity, equity, and inclusion includes the latest studies and findings. 
  • Engaging exercises, discussion questions, and application chapters show readers how to use rhetorical criticism to analyze popular culture.
  • Fun questions and useful mini-assignments help readers understand the practical applications and relevance of rhetorical concepts in everyday life.
  • A solid foundation in traditional rhetorical theories is enhanced by coverage of the latest theories and the full range of new rhetorical practices.
  • Well-written examples of criticism serve as strong models for readers.

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