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Restless in the City

Restless in the City
Conversations with Young People in Resettlement Colonies

March 2021 | 204 pages | SAGE YODA Press
Restless in the City gives us access to the unfiltered voices of young people from urban poor communities speaking about their expectations from the state, their engagement with the city and neighbourhood, and their personal and familial relationships. The book uncovers deep-rooted injustices within the current workforce, examining cases where young men aspire to work in the public sector even as they hold low-paying jobs in private firms which reinforces their sense of marginalization. The stark difference between rural and urban youth’s relationship with technology, and how it affects their feelings towards love and friendship, is another focus of the conversations we encounter in the book, a focus which also highlights the limits of agency accorded to young women on the margins. Restless in the City is a rare study that delves deep into overlooked issues faced by young people from less privileged localities of Delhi who are constantly navigating the politics of their changing urban milieu.

Preface and Acknowledgements
Young People, State and Citizenship
Aspirational Education: Elusive Jobs
Love and Friendship: Necessity Not Indulgence
Marriage: Choices Defined by Caste, Class and Religion
Technology: A Must-Have
Masculinity: A Collective Identity
Masculinity and Violence

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ISBN: 9789353887278
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