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Re-visioning Indian Cities

Re-visioning Indian Cities
The Urban Renewal Mission

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

September 2011 | 308 pages | SAGE India
Re-visioning Indian Cities probes the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) right from its inception to its present-day avatar. The book significantly adds to the knowledge base on the urban history of India.

Commencing with a historical background of the JNNURM, the book traces the evolution of public policy in India on urban growth. In the process it provides an understanding of the complex urban issues and examines whether the JNNURM is a project response or a policy response to these problems.

The rationale behind the choice of the cities covered by the Mission, the scope and coverage of the work undertaken and the progress till date are extensively discussed. The formidable problems of mega-city governance and the difficulties of correlating rural and urban development at the district level are reviewed.

Policy Background

Coverage and Components

Housing and Services for the Urban Poor

The NURM and Urban Mobility

Disconnects and Deficiencies

The Reforms Agenda / Dealing with District Planning

The Metro Dimension

Reinforcements for the Reforms Agenda

The TAG: Looking over the Shoulder?

A Mission amidst many Realities

The Mission's Journey: Thus Far and the Way Ahead


[This book] presents a comprehensive review of the mission and its objectives, taking a critical look at its impact on urban governance, finance, and city development.

The Hindu

The book takes the readers from the inception of JNNURM to where the Mission is today (till the time of writing the book)—giving statistical details along the way….To the uninitiated in the urban sector, this book provides a lot of information to enhance the understanding of the sector. The book is full of information, facts and figures. There are a lot of tables with useful statistics. The Annexures also provide worthwhile information. The book is written in the typical style of the author—with a hint of humour in many places… Re-visioning Indian Cities is a good reference book and will be very useful for all those interested in urban development, especially JNNURM.

Environment and Urbanization ASIA
Volume 2, No 2, 2011

Re-Visioning Indian Cities is a valuable source book for new research. The author brings the advantage of experience and hindsight to the book to turn a reflexive eye to the emergence of cities as loci of new governance regimes in the last decade. The book’s main strength is the highly sharpened commonsense of an insider to the government…a book that must be read at leisure.

Economic & Political Weekly

Re-visioning Indian Cities by K.C.Sivaramakrishnan is a critical review of the evolution process of the urban policy-making over the past 60 years and a critical analysis of its latest Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.


The book is highly informative, written by one who was closely associated with the government and has worked at different levels of administration… It begins with the background of the JNNURM and ends with a discussion on its future policies and programmes… [The author] has not only covered the programme but has also examined the problems of India’s towns and cities…. The book is a valuable document for experts, government servants, scholars and others interested in the JNNURM.

The Telegraph

Re-Visioning Indian Cities presents a comprehensive study of India’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) from its birth to future aspects. In its course, it throws light on India’s urban history and its demographic and economic realities which have been neglected since decades…The book is recommended for all those who want to know about JNNURM in detail and understand the journey of this urban mission since its inception.

One World South Asia

[The book] presents an informative and detailed background of the early efforts made in the area of urban development in the country...[it] provides a comprehensive picture of India’s urban growth overtime, policies, plans and programmes, deficiencies and slippage, the roles of different stake holders and challenges lying ahead.

The Book Review, Vol 37, March 2013

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ISBN: 9788132106890

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