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'Race' in Britain Today

'Race' in Britain Today

Second Edition

Race & Ethnicity

February 1996 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This invaluable textbook offers a brief and accessible summary of knowledge about social divisions by `race' in Britain. The new edition brings the information up-to-date and expands discussion of important questions on immigration and crime statistics.

`Race' in Britain Today contains a wealth of information on the experiences and life chances of black people - in education, the labour market, health, welfare, housing and the criminal justice system. It both illuminates general issues of `race' and racism - in so far as they are quantifiable - and provides helpful demographic background on specific minority ethnic groups. The book also locates `race' within the context of other divisions in society, notably class and gender.

Paul Gordon
Richard Skellington with Paulette Morris
Demographic Trends amongst Great Britain's Minority Ethnic Group Population
Racial Violence and Harassment
`Race', Inequality and Poverty
`Race' and Health
`Race', Social Services and Welfare Benefits
`Race' and Housing
`Race' and the Criminal Justice System
`Race' and Education
`Race' and the Labour Market
Racial Attitudes in Britain
The British Political Scene
Developments since 1992

`Race' and Sport
Football - A Case Study

The Need for Radical Reform


`The contents are fascinating.... Paul Gordon's introductory article on The Racialisation of Statistics is particularly enlightening. He puts forward cogently the arguments for and against collecting racial statistics.... the body of facts in this book is impressive' - Morning Star

`The Second Edition of this book continues to provide a useful range of information and statistics on a variety of aspects of "race" in Britain in the Nineties. It is presented with sensitivity and will be a valuable resource for any student of "race" issues, education or indeed anyone concerned about inequality' - European Journal of Intercultural Studies

This book compliments the concepts and methods section of the SCLY-4 AQA Sociology syllabus. Part of the syllabus analyses the social construction of data and the ways in which social perceptions are formed through the use of statistical data, published by the media. It is through the use of statistics that minority ethnic groups, such as African Caribbeans, appear predisposed to committing particular types of crime. The chapters in this book relating to The Racialisation of Statistics; Race, Violence and Harrassment and Race and the Criminal Justice System, are useful in the way that they enable a more in-depth evaluation of the relationship between ethnicty and crime, than the actual course textbooks allow for.

Mr Dennis Hamilton
Humanities, Bournville College of Further Education
November 13, 2011

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ISBN: 9780761950240