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Public Economics

Public Economics
Theory and Policy: Essays in Honor of Amaresh Bagchi

First Edition
Edited by:
  • M. Govinda Rao - National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, India
  • Mihir Rakshit - Information and Crediting Agency (ICRA), Kolkata

August 2016 | 376 pages | SAGE India

This is a commemorative volume on Dr. Amaresh Bagchi, one of the greatest economic policy reformers of India, revered as the father of fiscal federalism in the country. The collection comprises original contributions by eminent scholars, who were also close friends and associates of Dr. Bagchi. Besides dealing with various important aspects of the subject of public economics and Dr. Bagchi's work—both theoretical and applied—they also add a personal touch to compilation. The reminiscences reveal Dr. Bagchi the man as well as Dr. Bagchi the scholar.

Dr. Bagchi worked extensively on tax reforms, establishing the concept of Value Added Tax. The essays in this volume critically analyze and discuss various issues related to tax system reform in the developing world and review the fiscal federalism literature from a developing and transitional country perspective.

C Rangarajan
Amaresh Bagchi: His life and work

Sudipto Mundle
Budgetary Rules and Plan Financing: Revisiting the Fiscal Responsibility Act

Mihir Rakshit
The BBLR Approach to Tax Reform in Emerging Countries

Richard M Bird
GST Reforms and Interim Governmental Considerations in India

Satya Poddar and Ehtisham Ahmad
Normative Framework of Fiscal Federalism for Economies in Transition

M Govinda Rao
Global Public Goods: Provision, Production and Benefits

U Sankar
Effective Carbon Taxes and Public Policy Options

Ehtisham Ahmad and Nicholas Stern
Sustainable Economic Growth and Modelling for Resource and Income Accounting

Ramprasad Sengupta /
Do public funds increase days of Instruction in Primary Schools? A Study of 3 Districts in India

Arnab Mukherji and Anjan Mukherji
Neglected Topics in Public Economics Courses

Arindam Das-Gupta
Reminisces: A teacher remembers

Tapas Majumdar
My Friend Amaresh

Shankar Acharya

This one-stop book on public economics is a tribute to economist Amaresh Bagchi. Edited by M. Govinda Rao and Mihir Rakshit, Public Economics is a compilation of 10 eclectic articles covering the entire gamut of relevant and important issues…. the book is a commendable compilation that will appeal to students and probably, bureaucrats and is worth reading.


The volume covers nine key articles on frontier areas of public economics. Overall, the volume is refreshing, contemporary, and reform-oriented, providing a befitting tribute to a life spent understanding and influencing a nation’s public finances....Students of public finance and policymakers will find substantial value in these essays.

Economic & Political Weekly

This book is a collection of essays by eminent scholars, who were closely associated with Bagchi, as a tribute to his memory. The general objective has been to take forward some of Bagchi's initiatives in the realm of public economics. Advanced students of economics will find the essays challenging and rewarding…. the essays open up many new areas for study and research and constitute a fitting tribute to one of the pioneers in studies on public economics in India.

The Hindu

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