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Profitable Penalties

Profitable Penalties
How To Cut Both Crimes Rates and Costs

  • Daniel Glaser - Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California

July 1997 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The author's wisdom and experience of a half century of employment, research, and teaching in the field of corrections is reflected in this volume. He focuses on whether the vast sums we are spending to "get tough on crime" actually give us our money's worth, and uses what the best research evidence shows are the most profitable reactions to lawbreakers. Presented in a bright and readable style for undergraduates and the general public, this book discusses both general principles in reacting to crime, as well as a wealth of practical implications pertinent to specific types of offenses.

Crime and Punishment at Century's End
Punishment Options for Convicted Criminals
The Objectives of Punishment
Reducing Childhood Transition Crime
Anticipating the Sequence in Vice Control
Curbing Crimes of Rage
Suppressing Sex Crimes
Removing Crookedness from Legitimate Occupations
Incapacitating Professional, 'Career' and Psychopathic Criminals
Optimum Investments to Reduce Crime Rates

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ISBN: 9780761985341