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SAGE to publish Healthcare Management Forum starting in 2015

October 17, 2014

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE and the Canadian College of Health Leaders are pleased to announce that SAGE will begin publishing the College’s journal, Healthcare Management Forum (HMF), with the first edition in January 2015.

The journal publishes articles on leading practices related to health leadership and management, including recent research, new technology and professional practices from health leaders' perspectives.

“Working with SAGE Publications seemed like a natural fit for us,” said Ray J. Racette, President and CEO of the College. “Because SAGE’s long-term strategic focus is on enriching education and scholarship, it promotes the open exchange of information and the use of evidence to influence action across the health system. SAGE also partners with HighWire press run out of Stanford University Libraries, which generates visibility for our community of authors and provides twenty-four hour support for our hundreds of peer reviewers.”

The research published in HMF will benefit health leaders who work in a variety of environments, such as medical companies, health authorities, multi-level care facilities, hospitals, public and private health agencies, health charities, the Canadian military and all levels of the Canadian government.

“A future-oriented publication, Healthcare Management Forum publishes real solutions for health leaders and organizations while simultaneously advancing research for health leadership scholars,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President, Journals Editorial.  “SAGE is proud to add this journal to our growing publishing portfolio dedicated to health scholarship and we look forward to working with the Canadian College of Health Leaders to further enhance the journal and expand its readership.”

The Canadian College of Health Leaders will maintain editorial independence, while receiving top-notch production and editorial support.

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