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Politics in Israel

Politics in Israel
The Second Republic

Second Edition

October 2004 | 447 pages | CQ Press

Politics in Israel is an incisive guide to Israel’s rich past, unpredictable present, and promising but undoubtedly turbulent future.

In his new second edition, Asher Arian again takes a comprehensive look at the country’s history, demography, economy, and sociology—and provides cogent analysis of its ever-changing role in the Middle East. Informed by the latest opinion polls, survey data, and election results, Arian clarifies the major issues facing Israeli culture and politics, and explains the complexities of Israel’s political institutions, political behavior, and public policies. He chronicles the significant events in this dynamic nation's relatively brief experience of self-governance and introduces readers to the exceptional personalities who have defined its domestic landscape.

New and expanded coverage in the second edition features:

  • the impact of immigration from the former Soviet Union
  • the adoption and cancellation of the direct election of the prime minister
  • the constitutional revolution occasioned by the expansion of judicial review
  • the weakening of political parties
  • the decentralization of the economy and emergence of a stronger capitalist ethic
  • the political impact of the second intifada
  • and the dominance of Ariel Sharon

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ISBN: 9781568029320

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