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Policing and Psychology

Policing and Psychology

July 2012 | 112 pages | Learning Matters
This book draws on a range of psychological theories, concepts and research to explore the role and relevance of psychology to modern day policing. It focuses on key issues including psychological theories of criminal behaviour, interpersonal skills, stereotyping and prejudice, profiling,the psychological effects of crime on victims, and burnout and stress on offiers. The text is underpinned by reflectie activities and case studies encouraging a critical understanding of psychology applied to policing practice. This book provides an accessible and up-to-date textbook for those studying and teaching policing, psychology and criminology.

Policing and Psychology: An Introduction
Psychological Theories of Crime and Criminal Behaviour
Policing Attributions, Stereotypes and Prejudice
Communication, Interpersonal and Interviewing Skills
Investigative Psychology and Criminal Profiling
Victims and the Psychological Consequences of Victimisation
Stress, Burnout, Coping and Policing

Very useful edition to the 'Policing Matters' series, and ideally suited for potential and current law enforcement personnel undertaking HE policing qualifications. Book is written very concisely, easy to read, encapsulates key theories and effectively relates to practice. Some excellent tasks and reflective questions to enhance the learning experience.

Mr Barrie Sheldon
Department of Criminology, University of Teesside
April 17, 2012

Psychology is an increasingly important part of policing, and police training. This book looks at the usefulness of psychology in police work, and the pitfalls and problems which can arise with its use.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
April 4, 2012

I will be suggesting this book as worth browsing through to students officers as the topic covers many important parts of policing. The section on investigative interviewing, for example, is concise in it's approach.

I cannot recommend it to the organisation as a 'must have' text.

I like the layout: it is in keeping with other books from Learning Matters.

Mr Walter Green
School of Social Sciences and Law, University of Teesside
March 23, 2012

A textbook which explains in a straightforward manner basic theory showing links between policing and psychology, which are often difficult for students to appreciate

Mrs Ruth McGrath
Law and Policing Department, University of Teesside
March 21, 2012

very good book, I am submitting an order for 10 more.

Mr Peter Norton
Uniformed public services, Sheffield College
March 16, 2012

It is a helpful text in the researching crime workshop I am coordinating.

Dr Michael McManus
Sociology , Durham University
March 16, 2012

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