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Poetry Pauses

Poetry Pauses
Teaching With Poems to Elevate Student Writing in All Genres

Includes 100+ poems online

February 2023 | 200 pages | Corwin

Unleash the power of poetry to boost all academic writing

Student writing outcomes will transform if we invest more time in the genre we too often ignore: poetry!. With Poetry Pauses, Brett Vogelsinger asserts that all good writing takes us to deeper places, whether it’s narrative, argument, informational, or verse. So why not use the palm-size examples of a poem to develop students’ skills slowly and surely?

This book helps you to:

  • Teach techniques such as using sound, pattern, imagery, grammatical structures, and dialogue
  • Select poems from the online companion website for read alouds and writing warm ups
  • Reshape students’ attitude about verse with contemporary spoken-word and poems by today’s favorite poets
  • Know how to tuck specific poems into any part of the writing process to build your students’ understanding of brainstorming, elaboration, paragraphing, argumentation, and more

No matter what students go on to do in life, being able to reach a broad audience with language that engages the whole mind is a gift. The resources here and online will stoke students’ logic and creativity immeasurably.

Introduction: Purposeful Poetry Pauses
Chapter 1: Poetry to Bring on the Brainstorm
Chapter 2: Poetry Pauses for Writing Analysis
Chapter 3: Poetry Pauses for Crafting Narrative
Chapter 4: Poetry Pauses for Argument Writing
Chapter 5: Poetry Pauses for Writing Informative and Research Pieces
Chapter 6: Poetry Pauses for Improving Grammar and Punctuation Skills
Chapter 7: Poetry as a Healthy Literacy Routine
Key features
  • 25+ brief activities to use poetry in your writing instruction with step-by-step instructions, teacher talking points, and extension ideas
  • Pro-Tips and suggestions for adjusting instruction nimbly and responsibly
  • An extensive poetry library on the online companion website to help teachers access great poems quickly
  • Bonus activities, downloadable handouts, and additional material on the online companion website to support your teaching

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ISBN: 9781071889022