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Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory

Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory
Critical Investigations

April 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this first comprehensive and systematic study of Pierre BourdieuÆs theory of culture and habitus, Bridget Fowler examines the intellectual context of BourdieuÆs work, while providing an exacting and systematic reading of the development of his thinking on "cultural capital." Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory outlines the key critical debates that inform BourdieuÆs work: the role of Lukßcs and Goldmann, BenjaminÆs discussion of the sacred and the secular; and HabermasÆs examination of communication. Fowler goes on to provide a lexicon of BourdieuÆs thought in cultural theory, explaining the importance of capitalùeconomic and social, symbolic, and culturalùas well as outlining the importance of key terms like habitus, practice and strategy, "legitimate culture," and consumer society, in the context of BourdieuÆs analysis of capitalism and modernity. There is also substantive analysis of BourdieuÆs work on contemporary culture. This critical examination concludes with a discussion of the state and education as exemplified in BourdieuÆs latest work. Comprehensive, critical, and rigorous, this is the definitive guide to the changing contours of BourdieuÆs cultural theory. It will be the essential reference for students of sociology, cultural studies, and social theory.

Situating Bourdieu
Cultural Theory and Sociological Perspectives

Bourdieu's Cultural Theory
Bourdieu, Postmodernism, Modernity
The Historical Genesis of Bourdieu's Cultural Theory
Bourdieu and Modern Art
The Case of Impressionism

The Popular and the Middlebrow
Bourdieu, the Popular and the Periphery

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