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Person-Centred Therapy with Children and Young People

Person-Centred Therapy with Children and Young People

March 2013 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This engaging new book presents a 'child-centred' model of therapy that is thoroughly person-centred in its values. Establishing the roots of child-centred therapy in both child development theories and the Rogerian model, David Smyth demonstrates that counselling the person-centred way is exceptionally relevant to young people.

The book further develops child-centred therapy theory and practice, applying the model to real-life practice with children and young people, whether in play, school, organisations or with those with special needs. It also explores the complex professional issues so critical with this age group, including challenging boundaries, establishing an effective relationship with parents and other primary carers, legal and ethical considerations, and multi-professional practice.

The author's warm, accessible style conveys his passionate conviction that the person-centred approach can provide a strong foundation for child therapy practice. His book introduces humanistic counselling and psychotherapy trainees to the particular requirements of working with children and young people, and also illustrates the value of using a 'child-centred' approach for those who might already be working with children in mental health settings. Equally, this volume can be used for professional development in many disciplines including adult trained therapists who want to extend their knowledge of people prior to reaching adulthood.

Foreword - Professor Michael Behr
The Person-Centred Approach/Introduction to the Book
Child-Centred Therapy: An Introduction
Associated Child-Related Theories and Culture
The Emerging Child-Centred Practitioner
Child-Centred Therapy: Developing Practice
Child-Centred Therapy for Children with Special Needs
Practical Play Therapy
Childhood Experience and Adult Lives
Receiving Referrals and Communications
Challenges of Boundaries in Counselling
Multiprofessional Practice
Legal and Ethical Considerations

Fabulous book enabling those that are sure that PCT is where their philosophical counselling heart lays to continue being with child and adolescent clients

Ms Catherine J Drewer
Learning for Life, Southend Adult Community College
May 11, 2016

Highly accessible, this book is very relevant to our person centred training programme and address a much needed lack of similar literature specific to working with C&YP. Our library has ordered 7 copies plus online access.

Dr Alan Priest
School of Nursing Midwifery & Social W, Salford University
December 8, 2015

a fantastic read, very detailed

Miss nicola lord
department of health, preston collage
October 20, 2015

It is lovely to have a text that looks at working with young people solely from a PC perspective

Mrs Julie K Wyman
Book Reviews, Devon Counselling College
May 17, 2016

a good supporting text for students

Dr Leo Mayers
Nursing , Worcester University
June 23, 2015

Although at the beginning David Smyth seemed to give very simple examples, the book was able to address very specific issues which I found very useful.

Some of the tips were very thoughtful and thought provoking.
I found the exercises too simple for me. I personally would have liked some suggestions or aims for the exercises.

Never the less, the book is a "must" read for any Person-Centred counsellor wishing to start working with children and young people.

Ms Patricia Gagni
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
June 19, 2014

A good introduction to person centred therapy with children.

Mr John Marsden
Law, Justice and Community Studies, University Centre at Blackburn College
February 27, 2014

An interesting text, giving students a person-centred approach created by the author out of his own experience. I didn't like what the author did to Roger's six necessary and sufficient conditions; I think Carl would have turned in his grave at Smyth's use of 'equal' for congruence. However I did find the authors' research into Rogers' own work with children fascinating and helpful. I think this book will be useful for those students wanting a description of how the person-centred approach can be used with children and young people.
A great deal of information from other good sources is included in this book, for example on the different kinds of play.
On a first read I found the author's gentle approach rather slow, but on returning to the book I have found it an easy and useful resource into which to dip.

Mr Jonathan Harris
no depts, Terapia Training in Child Psychotherapy and Counselling
January 24, 2014

An informative text that enables to reader to gain insight into how childrens needs can be met through child centred therapy. Illustrations used are helpful to link the theoretical understanding to reality of practice.

Text is readable and engaging

Miss Sarah Corkhill
Nursing and Midwifery, Keele University
September 18, 2013

I will be adding this book to the recommended reading list for learners , particularly those embarking on counselling placement within schools.It is an indepth book and explains in detail aspects of person centred counselling with children.The lay out of the book is easy to read and using it as a reference tool , it is a great accompaniment to already aquired understanding of the person centred theoretical model.

Miss Sam Ford
Health and Social Care, South Essex College
July 11, 2013

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