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Organizational Change in the Human Services

Organizational Change in the Human Services

August 2001 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Organizations today – whether public or private – exist in environments where the pace of change is dizzying. Human service organizations face both external and internal challenges: The public demands better services at more reasonable costs. Clientele is more diverse, more stratified, and more vocal than ever. The organizations themselves must keep up with rapid changes in technological innovation and labor-management relationships.

Organizational Change in the Human Services looks at the context of organizational change, describes how individuals and systems change, and pinpoints keys to successful change. Author Rebecca Proehl then presents a proven model of organizational change, built on lessons learned from both the public and private sectors, but tailored for human service organizations. Proehl also discusses in depth labor union-management issues, the political strategies leaders must use to implement change, and how to build collaborative relationships in human services. Full of examples of successful change projects within human services, the book emphasizes understanding the skills and tools needed for successfully leading and implementing change. As a special feature, case studies, organizational assessments and inventories, and exercises that can help the reader to adapt the change model to their own organization are included.

Practicing managers in the human services will find this book a necessary guide to leading and implementing change in their organization. It will also make a useful text for advanced courses in human services administration and management.

Why Is Change Necessary?
Keys to Successful Change
The Context of Change
The Nature of Change
Individual Change
Systems Change
Toward a Model of Organizational Change
Leading Change
Setting the Stage
Planning for the Change
Implementing the Change
Change in a Unionized Workplace
The Political Nature of Change
Building Collaborative Relationships
Key features
  1. Management Model: The book features an eight-step change management model, providing practitioners with a convenient, proven guide to the difficult task of leading and implementing change in their own organization.
  2. Case examples: The book is amply illustrated with many examples of human service organizations that successfully handled change.
  3. Interactive features: Book also includes assessment forms and inventories, case studies, and other exercises to help the reader understand and manage change in their organization.


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