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Minorities and the State

Minorities and the State
Changing Social and Political Landscape of Bengal

First Edition
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June 2011 | 236 pages | SAGE India

Minorities and the State discusses the plight of two numerically significant religious minority groups: Hindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in West Bengal, India.

The political vicissitudes in India and Bangladesh have stirred up questions relating to citizenship, nationality, and identity. In this volume, academics from India, Bangladesh, and Japan examine the formation of minority identity at the time of partition of India in 1947 and in subsequent decades. The articles emphasize the crises and coping strategies, migration, and state- and local-level politics affecting minorities.

By utilizing data from varied sources like field work, archival research, and secondary sources, this volume explores deprivation and different dimensions of minority life from political, economic, civil society, gender, and literary perspectives.


Abhijit Dasgupta, Masahiko Togawa, and Abul Barkat
The Minorities in Post-Partition West Bengal
The Riots of 1950

Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
On the Margins: Muslims in West Bengal

Abhijit Dasgupta
'Wrestling with My Shadow': The State and the Immigrant Muslims in Contemporary West Bengal

Samir Kumar Das
Partition Refugees on Borders: Assimilation in West Bengal

Tetsuya Nakatani
Political Economy of Deprivation of Hindu Minority in Bangladesh
Living with the Vested Property Act

Abul Barkat
Role of Civil Society in Combating Violence against Religious Minorities during the Post-2001 General Elections of Bangladesh

Rangalal Sen
Hindu Minority in Bangladesh: Migration, Marginalization, and Minority Politics in Bengal

Masahiko Togawa
Status of Hindu Women: Spheres of Human Rights Violation in Bangladesh

Sadeka Halim
The Crises of Hindu Minority as Depicted in the Fictions of Contemporary Bangladesh

Abu Dayen


It stands out in this collection for the rigor of its research and the passionate clarity of its argument…these essays brings a new angle of vision to the debate about minority rights...the editors are to be congratulated for bringing together scholars who work on both Bengals in one of the first ‘transnational’ studies of South Asian minorities.

Contribution to Indian Sociology,
Volume 50 (Issue 2), June 2016

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ISBN: 9788132105893

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