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Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia

Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Saman Kelegama - Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS), Colombo, Sri Lanka
Critical Acclaim

August 2011 | 368 pages | SAGE India

Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia explores the impact of migration on development in South Asian countries, compiling extensive information on the migration flows and trends, migrant remittances and migration policies. It discusses a number of proposals for effective cooperation on protection of migrant rights and promotion of migration and development linkages.

Through a nuanced look at the role of remittances in bringing about development, it takes cognizance of the fact that remittances alone are unlikely to lift people out of poverty; rather, it is their interplay with other economic, social and cultural factors which determine the scale and type of impact remittances can have on poverty reduction.

The book also examines how migration should be brought into the mainstream of development planning where development must be understood as a dynamic process implying growth, advancement, empowerment and progress, with the goal of enlarging the scope of human choices and creating an environment where citizens can live with dignity and equality.


S Irudaya Rajan

Rizwana Siddiqui
Sri Lanka

Nisha Arunatilake, Priyanka Jayawardena and Dushni Weerakoon

Selim Raihan and Syed Al-Helal Uddin

Jagannath Adhikari

Sonam Tobgay

Deshal De Mel and Suwendrani Jayaratne

Tilani Jayawardhana and Roshini Jayaweera
South Asia: Issues on Migration and Development

Piyasiri Wickramasekara
Case for a South Asian Commission

Farooq Sobhan

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ISBN: 9788132106418

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