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Microfinance India

Microfinance India
State of the Sector Report 2010

First Edition
  • N Srinivasan - Independent researcher, journalist and consultant, New Delhi

January 2011 | 160 pages | SAGE India

Microfinance India: State of the Sector Report 2010 presents the growth of the microfinance sector in India in its entirety. It offers in-depth, well-researched, and well-analyzed evidence on how the sector has made an impact at various levels of the economy and society. The report provides most recent statistical data relating to the sector's growth and expansion across models. It highlights perspectives on current issues and documents new interest, new investments and innovations in the sector.

The report collects information from authoritative sources, studies, and reports on the sector and field studies on specific developments of interest. Included in the report are: a comparison of the performance of SHG and MFI models, Microfinance Penetration Indices that compare client outreach across states and discussions on innovations and novel experiments in the sector and themes of topical relevance. It also identifies knowledge and practice gaps that require further research and study.

The best reference book on the annual trends and progress of the Indian microfinance sector, the report is a must for every microfinance practitioner.

Foreword Vipin Sharma
Overview - The Juggernaut Decelerates

Self Help Group Bank Linkage Programme - in search of Leadership and Direction

Micro Finance Institutions - Moderation Dictated by Market

Investment Climate-Getting Better

Micro Finance in the Global Context

Savings, Investments and Pension

Policy Environment and Regulation

Technology in Micro Finance

Social Performance, Transparency and responsible Finance

Financial Inclusion - Reasons for Hope

An Agenda for the Future


The theme of the report primarily focuses on roles of various entities engaged in the microfinance ecosystem…The author’s strength lies in his ability to present a wide range of data in his report... The book is able to generate interest among its target readers because of… arrangement of subjects, variety of demographic information which not only covers India but also other countries where micro-finance has already made a remarkable impact for the development of the poor…The book will surely find importance and usefulness among policy-makers, MF Institutes, NGOs and other intermediaries who are involved in this sector…The shape, layout, binding, typography and graphics are well published to aid a better understanding of the subject matter of the Report.

South Asia Economic Journal

The book is a must reference for those who want to review the performance of the microfinance sector as well as interested to know the status of various policy decisions taken by the Reserve Bank of India and other agencies in facilitating the growth and delivering of micro-finance disbursement in rural pockets of India. The author should be highly appreciated as the report handles difficult and contentious issues in a most comprehensive manner and highlights the sector in a most fascinating manner.

Journal of Rural Development

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ISBN: 9788132105886