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Literacy in Action

Literacy in Action
Challenges in the Adult Education System in India

First Edition

December 2019 | 256 pages | SAGE India

Literacy and adult education is a critical component of the global Education for All (EFA) movement led by UNESCO. Despite the various adult education programmes launched by the central and state governments since Independence, India is lagging behind in the drive to achieve total literacy.

Literacy in Action presents an extensive overview of India’s adult education programmes and analyses the shortcomings in the policy framework and implementation of the programmes. It discusses the divergences and contradictions between the various underlying perspectives such as state and user, individual and social dimensions of literacy, and literacy as education versus literacy as development. The book calls upon the Indian literacy fraternity to reconcile the divergent perspectives and adopt approaches suitable to the Indian context.

The book covers the important curriculum and pedagogical issues, motivation and mobilization strategies, post-literacy and continuing education arrangements, monitoring and evaluation methods, and delivery mechanisms and financial resources crucial for implementation. This makes the book highly relevant for the current adult education initiatives such as the planned launch of a new national literacy programme with the involvement of students. Due to its fresh perspective and broad coverage, this book will prove indispensable for all stakeholders in India’s literacy and adult education movement.

Foreword by Jandhyala B G Tilak
Overview of Adult Literacy Programmes in India
Concept of Literacy
Literacy and Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Motivation and Mobilization
Post-literacy and Continuing Education
Monitoring and Evaluation
Delivery Mechanisms
Funding for Literacy
Conclusion and the Way Forward
Key features
• For the first time in Indian adult education, the book analyzes the literacy programme from the State and User perspectives. 
• None of the studies conducted on Indian adult education so far has looked at the programme from these perspectives. 
• It presents field experiences and traces the implementation problems to the policy perspectives. 
• It analyzes the shortcomings in the policy framework and failure in their implementation from practitioners’ view point.

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ISBN: 9789353283087