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Leisure and Feminist Theory

Leisure and Feminist Theory

February 1999 | 219 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Wide-ranging and challenging, this book offers a host of new insights into how leisure theory has handled the question of gender difference and inequality.

Providing a critical introduction to the leading positions in leisure theory, Betsy Wearing guides the reader through their strengths and weaknesses from a feminist perspective. This book draws attention to the various leisure experiences that women encounter and construct in their everyday lives and the meanings that these experiences have for them. Her perspective takes into account such poststructuralist ideas as multiple subjectivities of women and multiple femininities; the possibilities of resistance to male dominance in leisure; the potential through leisure of rewriting masculine and feminine scripts; and leisure as a site of struggle to challenge hegemonic masculinity.

Leisure Is Good for Society and the Individual
Functionalist Theories

Structure and Agency in Access to Leisure
Marxist and Neo-Marxist Theories

The Self and Freedom and Constraint in Leisure
Interactionist Theories

Hegemonic Struggles in Leisure Spaces
Cultural Studies

Leisure and Masculinities
Embodiment,Emotions and Leisure
Public Leisure Places and Spaces
Urban Sociology

Personal Leisure Spaces
Poststructuralist Theories

The View from the `Other', from Margin to Centre
Postcolonial Theory


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