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Kidney Transplants and Scams

Kidney Transplants and Scams
India’s Troublesome Legacy

  • Ramesh Kumar - Chief Nephrologist, Moolchand Hospital Delhi

Public Health

February 2020 | 268 pages | Vitasta SAGE Select
A live kidney weighing 150-200gms is the most sought-after organ worldwide, with people willing to buy from unrelated live donors for a few lakh rupees. There are almost 2000 kidney transplants happening in India yearly – less than half this number meet the country’s legal requirements. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the Secretary General of Rajya Sabha, Sudarshan Agarwal are the two people who helped the enactment of an organ transplant law in India. India imports dialysis machines and its first made-in India machine has just gone on clinical trial though nephrological services began here some 50 years ago.

Harvesting of kidneys from unfortunate accident victims is the only solution to the shortage of kidneys for transplantation in India – with 150,000 accidents every year on the country’s deadly roads. To make kidneys available readily and legally from accident victims and the brain dead, the law needs amendment and a National Organ Harvesting Programme (NOHP) is urgently needed. In this book, Dr Ramesh Kumar reveals the stark reality of kidney scams in India and strongly advocates the need of a National Organ Harvesting Programme (NOHP). 

Foreword by Navin Chawla
Flashback by Justice Sudershan Misra
A Word from My Heart
My Blackened Face
Cures and Costs
Pushing for an Organ Transplant Law
Kidney Transplant in India
Kidney Scams in India
India Becomes the World’s Kidney Bazaar
Maximum City Mumbai Kidney Trade Epicentre
Kidney Racket in Tamil Nadu
Blood Donors, Drug Mafia, Dowry Kidneys in Kolkata
The Kidney King and the Great Escape
Kidney Scandal in Karnataka
Tribals as Kidney Donors in Kerala
Horrifying Kidney Racket in Punjab
West Coast to the East
In the Heartland of MP, Bihar, UP
Kidney Scams in Delhi
Cyber Scams in Kidney Trade
Kidney Rackets Worldwide
The Human Element
Moving Forward
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

“After having gone through the book, I can only add that, regardless of one’s point of view on any of the different aspects covered by the author; one thing is clear, that henceforth, every meaningful discussion on the state of the law and practice of kidney transplantation in India, must begin from this work.”

Justice Sudershan Kumar Misra
Former Judge, Delhi High Court

Kumar talks about the stark reality of kidney scams in India and strongly advocates the need of a national organ harvesting programme.

The Assam Tribune 8 March 2020

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ISBN: 9789353882341