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Kerala’s Economic Development

Kerala’s Economic Development
Emerging Issues and Challenges

First Edition
Edited by:
  • B. A. Prakash - Former Professor and Head, Department of Economics, University of Kerala, and Chairman of 5th State Finance Commission, Kerala
  • Jerry Alwin - Assistant Professor of Economics, PG and Research Department of Economics, Sree Narayana College, Thiruvananthapuram

January 2019 | 428 pages | SAGE India
Focusing on current economic problems, Kerala's Economic Development: Emerging Issues and Challenges provides an in-depth analysis of the major development issues and challenges faced by the state. Kerala’s development experience has attracted worldwide attention due to its paradoxical development: attaining higher quality of life of people on the one hand and continuation of the backward productive sectors on the other. The state’s economy remained backward in many respects and relied heavily on the remittance of Keralite emigrants. The implementation of liberalisation and globalisation policies since 1991 radically altered the growth process and Kerala achieved higher rates of investment and growth and greater technological change. These policies, however, have not only provided enormous opportunities, but also new challenges. This book examines the state’s economic growth as well as the issues that have accompanied the policy changes.

Part I. Introduction
B. A. Prakash and Jerry Alwin
Introduction and Overview
B. A. Prakash
Economic Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Kerala
Part II. Demography, Employment and Migration
S. Irudaya Rajan and S. Sunitha
Demographic Change in Kerala
M. P. Abraham and A. S. Shibu
Employment and Unemployment in Kerala
B. A. Prakash
Emigration of Keralite Workers to West Asia: Trends, Patterns and Economic Impacts
V. Prakash
Interstate Migration of Workers: A Study of Migration of Casual Workers to Kerala
Part III. Agriculture
K. P. Mani
Performance of Agriculture in Kerala
K. J. Joseph and Brigit Joseph
Lagging Sector in a Leading Economy: Case of Plantation Agriculture in Kerala
P. Aravindh and S. Harikumar
Agrarian Change and Marginalisation of Agricultural Households: The Case of Kerala
Part IV. Industry and Infrastructure
Tomy Joseph
Emerging Trends in the Information Technology Services Sector in Kerala
N. Vijayamohanan Pillai
Development of Power Sector in Kerala
Arun Shyamnath
Development of Transport Sector in Kerala
Part V. Tourism and Banking
Rony Thomas Rajan and Shijo Philip
Tourism Development in Kerala: Issues, Problems and Prospects
Jerry Alwin
Development of Banking in Kerala
Part VI. Education and Health
A. Abdul Salim
Higher Education for Kerala’s Development: A Focus on Expansion and Equity
K. Gangadharan
Healthcare Development in Kerala: Current Status and Emerging Issues
Part VII. State Finance and Planning
B. A. Prakash and Jerry Alwin
Kerala’s Acute Fiscal Crisis: An Analysis of Causes
Jose Sebastian
India’s Goods and Services Tax: An Overview
Jerry Alwin
Eleventh Five Year Plan: An Analysis of Plan Performance
B. A. Prakash
Decentralised Planning: A Study of Plan Performance of Grama Panchayats in Kerala
Key features

·         There is a serious gap in literature relating to economic development of Kerala since 2001 AD. The present edited volume containing 19 original essays exclusively written for the volume fills this gap.

·         Focuses on the economic change of Kerala during the last six decades since the formation of the State in 1956.

·         Gives the widest coverage of topics published in a single book on Kerala’s economy so far discussing all major current economic issues.

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ISBN: 9789352807659