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A Guide to Self-Discovery and Growth

First Edition

July 2012 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and growth

Paired with Group Exercises for Adolescents, this resource enhances experiences in group work as participants discover the art of journaling. They'll find these helpful tools:

  • 21 structured writing exercises for personal reflection and group discussions
  • Cartoons and drawings
  • Blank, lined pages to record thoughts, feelings, and ideas
  • "My Doodles" pages to encourage artistic self-expression

Teens Journal Too!

Journaling isn't just for adults. Many teens and pre-teens chronicle their lives and express themselves through journaling. They lament relationships gone wrong, fume about unjust treatment at the hands of parents and other authority figures, and celebrate victories both in and out of school. In the language of teens, they "get their feelings out", a proven benefit to emotional well-being. Unlike the ordinary blank-paged journals found in book stores and gift shops everywhere, this teen journal is carefully crafted by an expert in adolescent therapy. In addition to plenty of blank pages for self-expression, there are questions to ponder and answer that promote self-discovery and growth. Appealing cartoons and "Doodle Pages" make the journal come alive. The savvy eleven-year-old, defiant fourteen-year-old and shy sixteen-year-old will be intrigued and challenged. "Journal: A Guide to Self-Discovery and Growth" may be an adolescent's best friend.

Parents, aunts, cousins, friends and others who are looking for a present for graduation (from elementary or middle school), birthdays, religious rites of passage, Christmas and other religious holidays, as well as occasional gifts of encouragement or celebration will be delighted to find and purchase the Journal. And of course, teens will buy it themselves, for themselves!

Gratitude List
My Poem
Favorite Childhood Memory
My "Ideal" Boyfriend/Girlfriend
My Balance Sheet
My Friends
A Day in My Life
My Dream Job
My Special Day
My Favorite Teacher
My Family Portrait
My Holidays
Unfinished Sentences
My Biggest Worry
My Priorities
$$$$ Me and Money $$$$
My Clothes
Exercise/Physical Fitness
Story Telling/Creative Writing
Favorite Subject
You and God
My Peace and Comfort

This is a terrific complimentary book to add to my Counseling Children and Adolescents course and will be very useful for school and clinical mental health counselors with their clients.

counselor education, Northern State University
September 29, 2011

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ISBN: 9781544350097

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