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Introduction to Social Work

Introduction to Social Work

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July 2022 | 420 pages | SAGE Texts
This textbook offers a lucid and comprehensive understanding of social work.

Providing a broad overview of the field and profession of social work, the book stresses the link between professional education and practice. It presents both a historical perspective on the development of social work as well as the current social work practice paradigms, with special consideration of contemporary social issues. The book discusses the values, ethics, principles, scope and various approaches to social work which are essential to understand the profession. 

Closely aligned with the UGC curriculum, the text goes beyond general coverage to explore the themes of social reform, social justice, social security, social development, social legislations and social welfare. This textbook will serve as a valuable companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students of social work, and UGC NET and civil services aspirants.

Key Features:-

• Critically explores the key concepts of social work in the Indian context 

• Chapters contributed by experienced academicians teaching the subject in the classroom 

• Includes important key terms, information boxes and critical thinking questions to help students apply concepts to practice

About the Book
SECTION A Social Work – Meaning and Basic Concepts
Shahin Sultana
Social Work – Meaning and Concept, Objectives and Functions
Indrajit Goswami
History of Social Work in USA, UK and India
Akileswari S.
Social Reform Movements in India
Supriya Rani
Great Depression and the Growth of Social Work Education
Archana Kaushik
Social Welfare
Manisha Pal
Social Service
Laksmama G. V.
Social Reform
Avtar Singh
Social Justice
Eshita Sharma
Social Legislations
Kislay Kumar Singh
Social Development
Sunil Prasad and Arul Actovin C
Social Security
SECTION BSocial Work as a Profession: Principles and Methods, Scope, Theories, Models and Professional Status
Bishnu Mohan Dash, Rajan Prakash and Seeba Joseph
Professional Status of Social Work Profession in India
Ram Babu Botcha
Professional Social Work Associations in India
Shashi Rani
Scope and Fields of Social Work and Emerging Areas
Nita Kumari
Principles and Methods of Social Work
Sayantani Guin
Models of Social Work
Sonam Rohta
Theories in Social Work
Rutwik Gande
Skills in Social Work
SECTION C Philosophy, Values and Ethics of Social Work
Philosophy of Social Work
Poonam Gulalia
Social Work Values: Traditional and Emancipatory
Dr K. Rajeshari and Dr Vijay Kumar Sharma
Social Work Ethics
SECTION- D Approaches to Social Work
Dr Saumya and Tushar Singh
Ideologies Background of Social Work
Chittaranjan Subudhi and J. Raja Meenakshi
Modern Indian Thinkers and its relevance in Social Work
Binod Kumar
Radical Social Work
Mithlesh Kumar and Rajan Prakash
Gandhian Social Work
Safia Winifred Ahmadu
African Social Work

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ISBN: 9789354795039