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Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Political Theory

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Political Theory

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Critical Acclaim

June 2011 | 300 pages | SAGE India

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Political Theory offers fresh and thought-provoking perspectives on some of the most pressing public concerns of our times.

The volume includes a dozen articles that draw upon a wide spectrum of social sciences and humanities (political science, sociology, international studies, psychoanalysis, philosophy, cultural studies) to explore the historically-grounded contemporaneity and the interdisciplinarity of political theory. It represents the joint endeavor of the editor and twelve outstanding scholars affiliated with renowned academic institutions spanning four continents.

The contributors shed light on and provide insights into a broad range of issues that are of current relevance in the domains of both theory and practice. The book covers considerable ground as it grapples with a variety of topics (democracy, justice, civil society, torture), thinkers (Camus, Rawls, Habermas, Derrida) and frameworks (Marxism, critical theory, public choice, feminism).

The central contention of the book is that the destiny of humankind will depend increasingly upon our collective intellectual and practical capacity to shape the global configuration of capital, power and knowledge that is emerging in the matrix of late modernity.

Reflections on the Relation between Theory and Practice for Our Times

Jayant Lele
Politics of Globalisation: Theoretical Debates

Rohini Hensman
Theory of Public Choice: Implications for Democracy

Prakash Sarangi
Justice, Citizenship and the Politics of Feminism

Lajwanti Chatani
Group Identities and Rights: A Case for Theory beyond the Nation-state

Arpita Anant
Civil Society: Alternatives and Differences

Sanjay Palshikar
Albert Camus and the Politics of Friendship

Mangesh Kulkarni
Dismantling the Political

Syed Abdul Sayeed
Discourse Ethics: Rediscovering the Link between Rationality and Morality

Deepti Gangavane
Debates on Protecting Traditional Knowledge in the Age of Globalisation: A Call for Reimagining Political Theory

Kannamma Raman
The Camp as Nomos of the Modern: Interrogating the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958

Shardool Thakur
The Crime of Torture

Russell Alan Grigg and Justin Clemens

This book synergises a wide array of knowledge contributed by scholars from various fields of social sciences and humanities. The theoretical debates, arguments and suggested solutions put forth in these twelve essays have addressed relevant, current and pivotal issues in the post-Cold War period. The readers would certainly benefit from the captured knowledge that is viewed from the angle of critical approaches.

International Journal of Asia- Pacific Studies

The volume gives the reader an insight into the lively debate on a wide range of topics which characteristics political theory in India today.

Economic & Political Weekly

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ISBN: 9788132106302

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