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India Macroeconomics Annual 2010

India Macroeconomics Annual 2010

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Sugata Marjit - Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, India

August 2016 | 200 pages | SAGE India

India Macroeconomics Annual 2010 is a collection of scholarly work that analyzes contemporary macroeconomic trends using macroeconomic and statistical tools. It consists of papers that effectively link theoretical and empirical developments with specific real-world examples and problems. The volume looks into a range of economic issues such as inclusive growth, child labor and unemployment, foreign direct investment, and import prices.

The first section is devoted entirely to macroeconomic issues. The emphasis of this section is on problems affecting the conditions of the economy in general. The second part consists of papers encompassing a wide range of topics such as labor, fiscal issues, banking and finance, international trade, econometrics, computational, and mathematical methods.

Towards Faster and More Inclusive Growth: Challenges Before India

Alok Ray
Hedging Risks in a Duopoly Framework

Udo Broll, Jack E Wahl and Christoph Wessel
Public Economics and the Environment

Vivekananda Mukherjee, Sujan Pandit and Tilak Sanyal
Exchange Rate Pass-Through Import Prices: Sectoral Analysis

Jarita Duasa and Nursilah Ahmad
Consumption, Quality of Life and Growth

Dipankar Dasgupta and Sugata Marjit
Foreign Direct Investment, Child Labour and Unemployment of Unskilled Labour in a Dual Economy

Sarbajit Chaudhuri
The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Consumer Price Index of Agricultural Labourers in India

Indrani Mitra

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