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India’s 2019 Elections

India’s 2019 Elections
The Hindutva Wave and Indian Nationalism

Edited by:
  • Paul Wallace - Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Missouri, Columbia

March 2020 | 428 pages | SAGE India
This book, the sixth in the series on India’s elections from SAGE, is arguably the first to critically analyze the 17th General Elections held in India in 2019. It closely analyzes how the elections were conducted and what factors influenced the electorate in returning Narendra Modi to power with a thumping majority. The book critically explores underlying factors such as the absolute dominance of extreme nationalism based on majoritarian religious identity as well as the increased participation of women and the marginalized sections of Indian society.

The initial chapters focus on national topics and are followed by fourteen analytical state and regional studies grouped into four regional clusters. A highlight of the book is its strong focus on contentious issues such as the structure, stability and integrity of electoral institutions as well as caste, tribal, minority and ethnic politics.

Paul Wallace
Introduction: Hindu Nationalism and TINA Propel BJP Wave
PART I: Thematic Studies
Walter Korfitz Andersen
Bharatiya Janata Party: Consolidating Power
Sumit Ganguly
Foreign Policy and the 2019 Indian National Elections
S Y Quraishi
Amazing Dimensions of Managing the Biggest Election in World History
Rainuka Dagar
Staking Gender Equality: The Electoral Dynamics of Identity and Rights
Jyotirindra Dasgupta and Anshu N Chatterjee
Political Accountability and Organized Public Action in India: Making Power Answer to People
Pallava Bedi and Devika Malik
Election News 2019: Free, Fair and Fake? Examining Trends in Misinformation around Indian National Polls
PART II: Analytical State Studies
A. Northern Cluster
Sudha Pai and Sajjan Kumar
War of Perception, Brand Modi and Voters’ Choice in Uttar Pradesh
Pramod Kumar
Claims of Alternative Politics of AAP: Whither? Why? Punjab and the 2019 Elections
Avinash Kumar and Pooja Rani
Madhya Pradesh: A Potemkin Village of the New India under Modi 2.0
B. Kashmir and Western Cluster
Reeta Chowdhari Tremblay and Husnain Iqbal
Jammu and Kashmir Elections: A Precursor to ‘No More Two Flags, Two Constitutions’
Ghanshyam Shah
Gujarati Voters’ Faith and Pride: The 2019 Elections
Suhas Palsikar and Nitin Birmal
Onward March of BJP in Maharashtra
C. Eastern and Southern Cluster
Sriroop Chaudhuri
West Bengal 2019: The Summer of Our Discontent
Pradeep Nayak
Biju Janata Dal’s Fifth Term in Odisha
Karli Srinivasulu
Populist Regimes, Electoral Dynamics and Contrasting Outcomes: Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in 2019
Shivaputra S Patagundi and Prakash Desai
Karnataka: BJP’s Spectacular Victory over the Congress and JD(S)
C Manikandan and Andrew Wyatt
Tamil Nadu: Political Pluralism and Party System Changes
James Chiriyankandath
Kerala: The Exception That Proves the Rule?
D. Northeast
Akhil Ranjan Dutta
Assam Polls: The Hindutva Wave
Rajesh Dev
Politics of Identity, Regionalism and the BJP: A Synoptic View from Northeast India

“Wallace needs to be congratulated for getting such a large group of people to come together to make sense of the latest transformations in Indian polity. Even more commendable is the fact that he managed to persuade them, distinguished academics all, to finish their allotted task within a year of Modi returning to power a second time.”

The Tribune, 22 March 2020

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