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ICTs and Indian Economic Development

ICTs and Indian Economic Development
Economy, Work, Regulation

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Ashwani Saith - International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • M Vijayabaskar - Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India

August 2005 | 476 pages | SAGE India
ICTs and Indian Economic Development evaluates the recent phenomenon of Information technology communication (ICT) development in India, and discusses such questions as: Can the growth be sustained? How far can an ICT revolution go towards modernising India's economy? What could be the capacity of ICTs to induce rapid social transformation and change? Can India navigate all the pitfalls and hazards and retain its current comparative advantage in the field of ICT?

ICTs and Indian Economic Development:

- provide a systematic overview of the major developments and trends in the Indian ICT sector;

- investigate the dynamism of the IT sector and whether it has contributed to wealth creation in any significant measure; and whether Bangalore, in its area of special strength-software-is a dynamic leader or merely a Silicon Valley follower;

- assess the role of the State and of government policy, especially with regard to the opportunities for shaping the future of this sector;

- explore the processes of the restructuring of work and employment in the wake of the IT revolution;

- set the Indian experience in a wider context through a discussion of the Chinese experience, along with a comparative analysis of ICT clusters in the two countries.

ICTs and Indian Economic Development is of interest to those studying economics and development studies, internaional and development communication and new media and communications technology; and those already at work in these fields.

Aswani Saith and M Vijayabaskar
ICTs and Indian Development
Trends, Issues, Options

C P Chandrasekhar
The Diffusion Of Information Technology And The Implications For Development
A Perspective Based On The Indian Experience

Nagesh Kumar
Indian Software Industry Development
International and National Perspective

K J Joseph and Vinoj Abraham
Moving Up Or Lagging Behind In Technology? An Index Of Technological Competence of India's ICT Sector
Suma S Athreye
Human Capital, Labour Scarcity and The Development Of The Software Services Sector
J Dennis Rajakumar
Has New Economy Created Wealth? A Study Of Infotech Companies
Balaji Parthasarathy
The Political Economy of the Computer Software Industry in Bangalore, India
Maximo Torero, Shyamal Chowdhury and Arjun S Bedi
Telecommunications and Economic Growth
Implications For India

Sunil Mani
Innovation Capability In India's Telecommunications Equipment Industry
Rakesh Basant and G R Ramadesikan
Adoption of Communication Standards in Developing Economies
Issues And Options For India

Meena Abraham Chacko
Role Of ICT In The Development Of The Indian Stock Market
Kaushalesh Lal
E-Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Restructuring
Evidence from Indian Firms

M Vijayabaskar
ICTs And Transformation Of Traditional Workplaces
The Case Of The Automobile Industry In India

Wang Wensheng
The Digital Divide, ICT Development and Telecommunication Reform In China
Meine Pieter van Dijk
A Battle Of Two New ICT Giants


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