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How to Request Your Review Copy

Books available for review are flagged with 'Review copy available' or you will see the following review copy button on the right-hand side of the book product page:


Request Review copy



How to Request a Review Copy

1. Find the book for your course

Search using the search bar at the top-right of the website or you can view our latest titles and select the title(s) you wish to review. You are able to review up to 3.

2. Click on the Review Copy button found on the right-hand side of the books product page

Click on the button to add the book to your Review copy basket. Only books available for review have this button.

3. Log in or set up your account

Enter existing details or set up a SAGE account to receive review copies.

4. Tell us about your courses

Please tell us about the institution you teach at and the courses you are considering the review copy for. We also need a delivery address to send the book to you.

5. Complete your request

Check your details and delivery address are correct then confirm your request.

Customers based in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland - please note that your request will be passed onto SAGE's local representatives Mare Nostrum for processing. They will then send you an email with details of what to do next and how to register with them. Customers in Australasia please note that your request will be passed onto SAGE's local distributor, Footprint Books, who will process your request on SAGE's behalf.


6. Submit your feedback and publish your review

Once you have received and reviewed your review copy please submit your feedback online and add your comments to our new online peer review system...

SAGE is the first academic publisher to share independent customer reviews and feedback online, and we feel that encouraging two way communication with customers and colleagues in the academic world is integral to producing quality content. You can publish comments online for inspection copies you have requested via your SAGE online account.