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How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis

How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis
A Multimodal Introduction

Second Edition

March 2023 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How is language used?

This book sheds light on the different ways language can be used for different outcomes. Machin and Mayr examine how discourses signify ideas, values and identities through implicit and complex semiotic choices. With a focus on a multimodal approach – Images, tables and case studies – the book guides students to an understanding of how subtle plays of co-operation, negotiation and deception are played out in everyday media texts.

The book is approachable and accessible for social science and linguistic students, with a focus on using material to design projects and help answers your specific questions. Alongside this, the diverse range of methodological approaches such as Appraisal Theory and Conversation Analysis will allow you to gain a wider understanding into Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and understand the relationship between language and social practices.

Addressing communication in our post-modern society, the book has a unique and compelling point of view of contemporary examples of CDA – but never oversimplifies it.


David Machin is a lecturer at Cardiff University.

Andrea Mayr is an Assistant Professor at Zayed University, UAE.

Introduction: shaping the world through language
Making active choices: Language as a set of resources
Analysing semiotic choices: Words and images
Presenting speech and speakers: Quoting verbs
Representing people: Language and identity
Representing action: Transitivity and verb processes
Concealing and taking for granted: Nominalisation and presupposition
Persuading with abstraction: Rhetoric and metaphor
Committing and evading: Truth, modality and hedging
Conclusion: Doing critical discourse analysis and its limitations

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