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How Parties Organize

How Parties Organize
Change and Adaptation in Party Organizations in Western Democracies

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January 1995 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The empirical analysis of party organizations and party organizational change has long remained one of the least developed fields of study in comparative politics. Despite much discussion about the supposed `crisis of party' and the `decline of party' in Western Democracies, we still know remarkably little about what goes on inside political parties. How Parties Organize takes a close look inside political parties, bringing together the findings of an international team of leading scholars. Building on a unique set of cross-national data on party organizations, the contributors explain how parties organize, how they have changed, and how they have adapted to the changing political and organizational circumstances in which they find themselves. Offering the most systematic and comprehensive analysis of how parties organize in contemporary Europe and the United States, this volume is essential reading for scholars and students of comparative politics and party politics.

Peter Mair
Party Organizations
From Civil Society to the State

Richard S Katz and Robin Kolodny
Party Organization as an Empty Vessel
Parties in American Politics

Wolfgang C M[um]uller
The Development of Austrian Party Organizations in the Post-war Period
Kris Deschouwer
The Decline of Consociationalism and the Reluctant Modernization of Belgian Mass Parties
Paul D Webb
Party Organizational Change in Britain
The Iron Law of Centralization?

Lars Bille
The Decline of the Membership Party?

Jan Sundberg
Nationalized Parties, Professionalized Organizations

Thomas Poguntke
Parties in a Legalistic Culture
The Case of Germany

David M Farrell
Centralization, Professionalization and Competitive Pressures

Luciano Bardi and Leonardo Morlino
Tracing the Roots of the Great Transformation

Ruud A Koole
The Vulnerability of the Modern Cadre Party in the Netherlands
Lars Sv[a with a circle on the top]asand
Change and Adaptation in Norwegian Party Organizations
Jon Pierre and Anders Widfeldt
Party Organizations in Sweden
Colossuses with Feet of Clay or Flexible Pillars of Government?

Luciano Bardi
Transnational Party Federations, European Parliamentary Party Groups and the Building of Europarties

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