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Handbook of Research in Enterprise Systems

Handbook of Research in Enterprise Systems

First Edition
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August 2016 | 324 pages | SAGE Response

This handbook is a repository of state-of-the-art knowledge about enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and applications. It presents cutting edge articles on ERP systems by leading researchers in the field from around the world.

The articles discuss frontier areas of research in the field of enterprise systems. They cover a wide range of topics concerned with ERP systems, viz., issues related to ERP systems technology, the evolving architecture of ERP systems, and issues related to ERP implementation. The book also presents case studies and practical examples in its final section to further clarify the concepts.

Enterprise Systems : Evolving Landscape and Technological Trends
The Enterprise Systems Industry Landscape

Sachin B Modi and Vincent A Mabert
Enterprise Interoperability and Enterprise Systems

Peter Loos, Dirk Werth, Silke Balzert, Thomas Burkhard, and Sebastian Kämper
Service Oriented Composite Applications: Enabling Enterprise Agility and Reuse

Sudeep Mallick
ES as Infrastructure for Analytics and Knowledge Management

Gita Kumta
Towards Service Oriented Enterprise Systems: A Business Intelligence Perspective

Jayanthi Ranjan and B S Sahay
Enterprise Tomography-An Efficient Application Lifecycle Management Approach Supporting Semi-automatic Localization, Delta-tracking and Visualization of Integration Ontologies in VLBAs

Jorge Marx Gómez and Jan Aalmink
The Paradoxical Impact of Enterprise-Wide Integration on Flexibility

Judy E Scott
Building Knowledge-intensive Customer-centric Supply Chain Organizations

Minwir Al-Shammari
Enterprise Systems : Implementation and Management
The 'Six Imperatives' Framework for the Evaluation of an ERP Project

Maria Argyropoulou et al
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation: A Practical Approach

Manoj Jha
A Model for ERP Systems Management: An Exploratory Study in Companies using SAP R/3

Cesar Alexandre de Souza and Ronaldo Zwicker
Critical Success Factors for the Acquisition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Empirical Validation

Tariq Bhatti and Veerappan Jayaraman
Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and the Balanced Scorecard in Performance Management

Noorhayati Mansor and Asniati Bahari
Upgrade your "Renovation Cycles" to "Innovation Waves" using Knowledge Management and Enterprise System Capabilities

Rakesh Kumar Mishra
Enterprise Systems : Case Studies and Field Applications
Balanced Scorecard-The Sweet Spots: Fact or Rhetoric

D. P. Sinha
A Case of MRO Process Transformation through ERP: Enabling Growth through Improved Intra- and Inter-company Collaboration

Alexandra Bizerova
The Role of Mobile Computing and Communication Technologies in Mobile Governance

Shashank Garg and Krishna Sundar Diatha

The book presents a very good collection of research in different areas of the enterprise systems contributed by eminent authors. For comprehensiveness, a large number of tables and figures have been used, and every chapter is appended with references for further study in the described subject…. the book is a welcome addition in the area of enterprise system, and will benefit researchers, students, teachers, planners, administrators and entrepreneurs.

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ISBN: 9789352809936

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