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Government at Work

Government at Work
Best Practices and Model Programs

  • Marc Holzer - Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA, Rutgers University, Newark, USA
  • Kathe Callahan - Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA, Rutgers University, Newark, USA

November 1997 | 245 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book presents persuasive arguments in support of public service and those who work within it. The authors argue that some services are only appropriate to government control: public safety, highways, armed and emergency services, parks, and public schools. Other services are operated/undertaken by government in response to problems that society and the private sector have failed to solve: housing, transportation, clean air and water, and so on. In both instances, the public sector requires complex problem-solving processesùnever simple solutionsùand, despite the negative images of (bumbling) bureaucrats imprinted on the public consciousness, Government at Work shows how public servants do difficult jobs well. Marc Holzer and Kathe Callahan compile evidence that creativity, productivity, and excellence are not strangers to, but often characteristic of, government programs. The public sectorÆs innovative problem-solving should be exploited in the attack on complex problems as they emerge in our society.

Government as Problem Solver
Management for Quality
Human Resource Management
Adapting Technology
Building Partnerships
Measurement for Performance
Comprehensive Improvement
An Effective Public Sector


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