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Government and Politics of Jammu and Kashmir

Government and Politics of Jammu and Kashmir
From Princely State to Union Territory

Edited by:
  • Aijaz Ashraf Wani - Faculty, Department of Political Science, University of Kashmir, Srinagar
  • Farooq Ahmad Waza - PhD in Political Science, University of Kashmir, Srinagar
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May 2022 | 360 pages | SAGE Texts
This textbook offers a lucid and comprehensive understanding of J&K politics, government and governance.

Government and Politics of Jammu and Kashmir provides an engaging account of different aspects of the key themes of politics and governance structures of Jammu and Kashmir, right from the formation of the State to its bifurcation into two Union Territories. Spanned over 13 chapters, the book aims to provide a clear idea about the political awakening of the people in the state, creation of leadership and political formations leading to the movement against Princely Order. The analysis and findings on different themes are presented as succinctly and lucidly as possible. 

This book will serve as a helpful companion for undergraduate and post-graduate students of political science as well as civil service aspirants.

Key Features:

• First-of-its-kind textbook on the politics of Jammu and Kashmir

• Concise and well-balanced coverage of state politics in India 

• Incorporates recent literature, latest data and illustrations

• Includes pedagogically rich content, which closely follows UGC curriculum guidelines for the subject 

About the Book
Aijaz Ashraf Wani
Aijaz Ashraf Wani and Suhail R. Lone
State Formation, Nature of the Princely Order and the Colonial Interventions
Suhail R. Lone
Social and Political Marginalization: Prologue to the Movement Against the Princely Order
Aijaz Ashraf Wani
Politics, Political Mobilization and Ideology (1932–1947): From Muslim Conference to National Conference
Muzamil Yaqoob and Tahir Mohi-ud-Din Badana
Partition and Aftermath: From a Princely State to Accession with India
Tabzeer Yaseen
Peace Brokering Attempts: UN Interventions, Diplomatic Contestation and the Continued India–Pakistan Rivalry
Farooq Ahmad Waza
Special Position within Indian Union: Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution
Imran Ahmad Khan
The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir: Internal Governance and Centre–State Relations
Mehrag ud din Bhat
Government Structure: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary
Javid Ahmad Ahanger
Contested Democracy: Evolution of Party system and Electoral Politics in Jammu and Kashmir
Showkat Ahmad and Farooq Ahmad Waza
Addressing the Identity Claims: Regional and Sub-regional Autonomy Models
Arshid Iqbal Dar and Tanveer Ahmad Khan
Cross-LOC Trade: Progress, Problems and Its Untimely Death
Shahnawaz Mantoo
Water Politics: Indus Waters Treaty and Its Impact on Jammu and Kashmir
Muzamil Yaqoob
Changed Dynamics (2019–2020): Abrogation of Article 370 and the Reorganization Act


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