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Globalization and Democracy

Globalization and Democracy

May 2002 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

While globalization and free trade have had a positive impact on United States economic policy, it's time for the government to turn its attention to the larger issue of a global democracy - social justice and stability throughout the world. The influential role of the managerial corporation over government must be scrutinized, as well as the responsibility that corporations and financial organizations have in supporting the working classes in various nations.

This issue of The Annals addresses key aspects of globalization and creating a global democracy. While most of these articles were written before the events of Sept. 11, the concerns presented here have taken on a sense of urgency in the wake of those events. We have witnessed the affects of neglecting the social inequalities and injustices of various groups. But what is the best model to apply to creating a global democracy?

These articles address this issue, using both an economic and social perspective that remains critical and though provoking. They address the concern of social inequality throughout the world as well as the responsibility of wealthier countries to assist those people through practical policies.

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